Bitcoin is DUMPING Losing $42,000 Support! (Major SEC Complication in XRP Lawsuit)

In this video, we will discuss the price of , Ethereum, and the . We'll take a look at the cryptocurrency markets and the latest .

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Bitcoin is DUMPING Losing $42,000 Support! (Major SEC Complication in XRP Lawsuit)

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  1. Been watching this for some time in regards to the channel…..Respect. That mentioned when Frankie comes on I have to skip through…I’m sure he may even make some sense but his energy blows mine….he always seems confused pauses constantly etc….maybe it is just me but respectfully let him rock on his own channel until he gets the required and much needed energy to hang with the rest of the show…. THE SHOW BE BARKING FRANK BE NOT EVEN GROWLING!!!U HEAAARDDD….He a nice guy I’m sure maybe he works better on like Jebb Show….I’m saying….BING BONG

  2. motivation has to come to bo BOTH sides: retail and consumers…TJ is right and was alluding to that not arguing smh


    This week: ‘you guys may not like what the charts are saying now.’


  4. Really it’s up to the terminal if the terminal is equip with the lighting then it woint matter what a retailer wants

  5. I love your show and I tell people about it all the time, but as a busy individual I would like a lot less random dialogue and more facts, thoughts, and summaries. I would even pay for this type of show! Just thought I would share my feedback as so many videos I stop watching because I have to move on to something else and the random banter is just hard to sit through. (Maybe bring back the timer and try to stick to it?) Keep up the great work!

  6. Everyone should your eye on $SLP, I know it is going to pop up out of nowhere any day. It’s a bargain right now! I’m loading up because those gains will be exponential!

  7. BTC has been pretty much sideways for 15 months and currently -42% from ATH. Something big is definitely going to happen soon (good or bad).

  8. Do you goes think matic at 1.36 is a good buy, I just don’t see matic going over 2.65 this year. I’m a newbie by the way.

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