Bitcoin Is NOT The Backbone Of Crypto… Here’s Why

It will take years to become stable enough to act as reserves that we are pegging to.

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Bitcoin Is NOT The Backbone Of Crypto… Here's Why

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  1. Ben always talks trash… He is never right once…. Coz he talks like he knows everything but knows nothing..

    Just a trash talker

  2. Gold as money has always worked.
    That’s why Countries and the central banks trade gold.
    But give the people fake money

    1. 💯 since thousands of years, always accepted and never fails!
      I don’t see many of those comments but maybe “we” are usually quite when this BTC gold crap talk comes along. 😆

  3. Bitcoin as money have worked well for me since 2013. I got my identity stolen in 2015 and all my bank accounts were messed up by the thief in 2019. Still ongoing crime. My bitcoin crypto wallets were unaffected. MY keys. MY money 😊❤️💪 Guardian Angel BITCOIN.

    1. Yes. Gold IS money, money is gold, Gold can also be used as a currency or a currency can be backed by gold as money. Currency vs. money. The dollar is currency, it is not money.

  4. I think Lubin has Ben on the payroll now. Something major has shifted in Ben messaging. Behind the scenes, ETH is strugging to get broad support. ETH is big on words, in the FEDs pocket and is trying to ‘boil the ocean’

  5. Yes Ben, 😂😂 that’s why banks and financials institutions are buying TONS of Gold because it does not work! 😂😂

  6. Maybe 10 years, tops. Won’t be Bitcoin but another form of crypto currency will be the “gold standard”

  7. Bitcoin regulations Bitcoin adoption Bitcoin standard Bitcoin True ATH💯 JimmyVoid BronxBitcoinBulls XrpbronXbulls 🤑

  8. Sounds like someone wants BTC to drop further so they can buy cheaper again before it does what it’s designed to do.

    I used to respect this guy’s opinion…

  9. All the comments here refuting ,, u guys are at the wrong, bitcoin today as money simple doesnt work all the crypto as money doesn’t work ,, stable coin is the closest to money

  10. Gold as money doesn’t work lol

    You speak with confidence so can you explain what data you used to come up with the figure of 50 years for bitcoin to become the backbone of crypto?

    I’ve your channel! I do the complete opposite of what you say on your channel and that is financial advice.

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