Bitcoin Leader SCANDAL EXPOSED! (Truth Behind MASSIVE Move REVEALED)

In this video, we will discuss the price of Bitcoin, , and the top . We'll take a look at the cryptocurrency markets and the latest crypto news.

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Bitcoin Leader SCANDAL EXPOSED! (Truth Behind MASSIVE Move REVEALED)

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    1. I didn’t call anything but I sold all my bags and the first top and then bought pretty much at the exact bottom then sold all my bags at the exact 2nd peak and recently last month refilled my bags I’d need my stuff to drop another 89% to start losing money

  1. Legit question! I understand bitcoin and ethereum SAFEST investment…but if were waiting on nexr bullrun, some with less buying power like myself under 2k to invest wouldn’t it be smarter to invest in smaller coins? I like ada,xrp,gala to get me more returns if bitcoin 10-15x from 20k next bull run then gala could easily 40-80x…im trying to buy this bear market dca sell next bullrun???????????

    1. @Daniel Casteel ada is great. Xrp is ok, not too sure on xrp right now. Gala is the future along with matic.. to top off the dca I keep lots of cro too

  2. Nigeria supplies 60% of Europe’s Energy since the Ukraine kerfuffle. Also Africa is an English only word, the nations in the continent dont consider themselves united or even related in any way.

  3. I think it’s time for Satoshi to reveal himself before the U.S. congress and SEC. Bitcoin will never reach its true potential without knowing the creator. Have a great week everyone.

    1. @Karim Farang from the jungle It will happen sooner or later. Or, the USA will simply select their preferred “BTC”. You sound like the individual 20 years ago from Ford Motors that said it will be stupid to manufacture EVs in 2020. Every innovation needs a face for the history books.

    2. @Sean S Then, the future BTC siblings (i.e. upgrades) may become the preferred technology for the American empire. A super nation like USA will not raise a technology to stardom if it does not know the owner or own the technology. That’s the way life is on this planet. It’s nice to dream, hope and fantasize the BTC crypto ecosystem. Crypto dominance will reside, grow and mature from the dominant economy.

  4. Honestly Ben needs to stop patting himself on the back on calling the Bear Market. There was evidence when you were still calling for a 100k Bitcoin. Ben is no different from the heard. Official Gate Keeper of Crypto.

  5. “Domicile” has particular qualifications. Often, it is where you vote, where kids go to school, where you go to church, get your healthcare, dental, etc. It also usually has to be qualified by spending one day more than half a year there – unless you were previously domiciled there and continue to use the services there as mentioned above. He is probably a part-time resident. You can qualify as a resident in multiple places, but only one will be your domicile. When I left CA, we were planning on being on the road for a long time before we found where we wanted to live. So I immediately got the rest of my belongings out of CA (that weren’t in the RV) and put them in UT near a friend that could check on my unit. I got residency in SD since you only have to sleep there in a hotel or campground one day out of 5 years. I got a drivers license there. I registered by truck and RV in SD. I got my insurance switched away from a CA agent to an SD one. I did all of the things to prove that my domicile was SD. I’m now in TN and did all of that over again when we got here. We’re staying here. So Saylor should have done the same. I’d be surprised if someone he employs didn’t do that for him.

  6. Why anyone would maintain a second home in the hell hole that is D.C. is a mystery to me. There are nice places close enough.

  7. You should do a video explaining what and why you pick a project for ur portfolio and how you research them to see what their futures might hold…show ppl how to do there own research…haven’t seen one b4

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