Bitcoin Losing $67 Million PER WEEK (Extreme Fear on Fear & Greed Index)

Today we will be discussing the sitting on EXTREME FEAR. Is now a good time to buy in or run for the hills? Next, we will discuss a Solana NFT DAO buying a basketball team. Finally, we will talk about Telegram’s integration with .

Around the is your favorite discussing , Ethereum, Cardano, and the top altcoins. Our four crypto experts include Crypto Blood, Steve McGarry, Crypto Lifer, and Missteen Crypto. Tune in for their insightful !

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Crypto Blood:

Steve McGarry:

Crypto Lifer:

MissTeen Crypto:

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Bitcoin Losing $67 Million PER WEEK (Extreme Fear on Fear & Greed Index)

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  1. wtf why yall edit over the young girl part lol as soon as she talked about doge…..yall gon be mad if doge take off and yall sitting here making fun of it

    1. There are thousands of other cryptos. No one will care. The downside of doge is far greater than the upside.

  2. Extreme fear? Great, it’s almost the time to buy, I just need to wait for the price to go down. I knew I should hold some Tether and not spend all of it earlier.

  3. The stock market people and retail are pulling out which is good we can go back to regular crypto high gains fast and no this slow moving like the stock market. I don’t want crypto trading like the stock market and that’s been the problem. Real crypto people don’t care about no damn federal reserve.

  4. Even if you Multiply 67million X 1000 weeks (20 years) equals 67billion . Bitcoin market cap is something like 1 trillion

  5. ‘Show me the charts, and I’ll tell you the news’ 📈 Litecoin 2023 mining reward halving closer by the day⏳

    2015 and 2019 halvings saw big price rises for Litecoin, then Bitcoin. ‘Front running’ could accelerate 🏃🏼‍♀️the process

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