Bitcoin Makes History | Cardano Faces Challenge | Huge XRP News Today

Bitcoin making with increase in BTC addresses. charts looking like a setup (link below to relevant tweet). And the Ripple SEC case takes an advance. holders viewing closely.

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Bitcoin Makes History | Cardano Faces Challenge | Huge News Today

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    1. What wallet do you recommend for holding ADA? At the moment I have my money on the Coinbase app but coinbase wallet doesnt seem to give ADA as an option. Keeping money in an exchange seems like a no no now 😅

  1. Institutions wont touch Cardano until there are stable coins available. Well January we have Djed and Usda dropping which will change the game on adoption for Cardano.

    1. Lol nobody will. Stop being in this religious crap token. Buy XRP and Dag. Nobody will go on Cardano because it has no value proposition.

    2. @TRT VITOR p2p markets and DEXs. I don’t touch centralized exchanges neither with a stick. The all point of crypto is to step aside of centralization from banks and a centralized EX it is pretty much the same as a bank

    3. @Angel camilo Guillen guzman I agree… only thing is with a bullrun, people who have no idea of the crypto space just want to throw their $$$ at bitcoin hoping for a 2-4X, and try to find low cap coins they can throw their $$ at to get a 100X+

  2. Did your client provide any reasons to why they passed on Cardano in favor of Polygon? That would have been helpful information to look at as a starting point for a discussion.

    1. I am dev that recently coded smart contracts and me and my team would choose blockchains that used solidity for smart contracts. The reason why is because it just had so much documentation and people you can ask for help. Cardano just needs more time to get to same stage.

  3. I’d like to know your client’s actual response to “why?” Do you think they’d be willing to share and we can learn from it?

  4. I think the main drawback of Cardano is that you have to use Haskell. Although it is very efficient etc, developers hate that language cause its learning curve is difficult. So a project might need much less time to migrate on Polygon than on Cardano

    1. Not so much anymore, IOG created a platform where you can code in simple java or C+ and it will convert it to Haskell

    2. @Mr Random Didn’t know that, but still, is not the same as having full control of the code you write. Being able to get your hands on the exact code is essential if you want to have a quality product

    3. It will take some time to build a pool of developers/coders comfortable and/or proficient with Haskell. Right now Haskell is kind of a blessing and a curse. It should become less of the latter as time goes along.

  5. Great job 👍please keep asking the *important* questions for Cardano.

    Just as it’s key for individuals and teams to be self-reflective and think critically about their challenges and weak areas, the same applies for organizations, communities and protocols. And it’s an important time for Cardano to do so – this is what’s necessary before widespread adoption, for both devs/builders and consumers.

  6. Good shout about digging deeper into real world use cases for cardano. Advertisement … boasting abit, demonstrating usecase …. if it is as good as we think it is then it can’t be that hard to get more projects on board.

  7. I’ve been working in software for 18 years and have worked at a number of enterprise fintech. After looking at Cardano and Haskell, I don’t see a huge issue with actually learning the language. The curve of learning Haskell seems to be similar to going from Java to Rust. The hurdle is that we have 20 years of doing OOP. However if a dev has Scala knowledge, they can potentially fill a Haskell position at a company.

  8. I am a ADA fan – NOT as much as you though! I feel my money is reasonable safe with an ENORMUS potential if the adoption could come. Love what your trying to do DAN. People need to start answering these questions 🙂

  9. People not choosing Cardano means nothing 🙂 It’s beautiful analogy to any tech out there. You have different cloud providers, different programming languages and different ecosystems for different things. Thinking you have to pick one is a road to nowhere – learn by looking at history of technology as a whole 🙂

  10. I’ve had the feeling BTC would be going to 3k as well. Clearing out all my Alts going into BTC and ATMX99 only, maybe a little BNB.

  11. Charls and IOHK are lazy, that’s why Cardano is lagging. I dont think they understand what their target customers wants.

  12. Si quieres tener éxito, debes asumir la responsabilidad de tus emociones, no culpar a los demás. Además de hacerte sentir más culpable por tus faltas, señalar con el dedo a los demás solo servirá para aumentar tu sentido de responsabilidad personal. Siempre hay un riesgo en cada inversión, sin embargo, la gente aún invierte y tiene éxito. Debes mirar hacia afuera si quieres tener éxito en la vida.

    1. Am totally confused especially in this current situation that’s affecting the market, how could you earn that?

  13. Ok, so you have direct experience with one former Solana developer who chose Polygon over Cardana. I’ll say that transition process is going to involve multiple developers, and hasn’t finished shaking out. Recently I’ve seen a number of videos pointing out that in November Cardano lead developer activity on Github. Admittedly, that’s a very rough measure because Github counts everything, including minor text changes, as activity, but it’s not irrelevant either.

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