BITCOIN MAX PAIN Still Ahead (UPHEAVAL In China’s Economy)

In this video, we will discuss the price of Bitcoin, , and the . We'll take a look at the cryptocurrency markets and the latest crypto .

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  1. Saying Crypto is dead is like saying the Internet is dead LOL. Except Crypto will play an even bigger role.

  2. If Coinbase went bankrupt would your holdings in Coinbase wallet be safe? There is a recovery phrase for Coinbase wallet so I was curious if anyone could tell me

    1. If you’re private keys aren’t shown than their should be no reason why your coins would leave your wallet.

    2. I’m a bit worried about keeping my assets on coinbase now, but I’m also worried about buying a hardware wallet and fucking up with that somehow lol

  3. Seriously get a ledger. Im no expert but i can’t take anyone serious if they keep their money on exchanges.

  4. Anyone on the fence of taking crypto off exchanges; I just put my stuff on ledger x and feel so much more safe. I was nervous that I’d screw something up, but it’s super easy to use! 🤓

  5. Why is it when Frankie described the ‘crypto addiction’ we all could relate- either currently or when you first started hahahaha 😆

  6. Patel had the funniest super chat in weeks and Frankie just passed over it lame af. Where is Ben.

  7. I watched the video about BAYC… Starts off sounding like BS, but when they get into specifics, it’s very convincing…
    I have no opinion, either way, but worth checking out.

  8. Continuing to hold Bitcoin on Bitfinex, I only hope that Bitcoin has not yet shown what it is capable of.

  9. Hello I’m newbie John and pleas can y’all kinda explain and yes I researched the topic. How does shorting the cel token work ? And why if celciuis got reckt would we buy the house coin and why is it going up. Are crypto dudes getting price to go up to sell on other exchange since celciuis froze them accounts. Okay in rambling again I’m newbie John and I appreciate any simple answer GOD bless us all 😊

  10. The number of Legendary Boxes that have been sold in this sale and only 1 F5 is out of stock, there is no doubt about the community’s trust in Tribalpunk.

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