Bitcoin Miners Crash The Market (Bored Apes In Crisis)

Today we will be discussing the 6,000 Bitcoin sold by miners in just two weeks, will this drive the markets down lower? Next, we’ll talk about Charles Hoskinson clearing the air on rumors of a broken Cardano testnet, and last, we’ll talk about Bored Ape yacht club nearing liquidation levels as NFT floor prices plunge!

Around the Blockchain is your favorite Cryptocurrency show discussing Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cardano, and the . Our four crypto experts Sin City Crypto, Johnny Hopper, mineyourbiz, & Taco. Tune in for their insightful crypto analysis.

Sin City Crypto:

Johnny Hopper:



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Bitcoin Miners Crash The Market (Bored Apes In Crisis)

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  1. As slow as cardano is you would think they would get it right the first time. Now you have to wait 5 more years till the next hard fork 😆 🤣

    1. Hahaha seriously.. this is why I have stayed out of cardano and I’m glad I did, had I bought 2 years ago when I wanted to, I’d be down hard af lol

  2. Man do I love this crypto crash… all this blood in the streets….give me doom and gloom….I’m buying and DCAing🤗🤑🤑💰💯

    1. @DR. PanterAski so example eth is at 1620 and it’s going downs would the limit be 1600 and stop at 1595 or is it the other way around, so if it would trigger at 1600 and if it goes down to 1597 it’d buy and then what would the

    2. Example? Btc at 25000 but it’s going down can I buy, example 1 stop limit order like stop at $22,000 limit at 20,000 so if it keeps going down it would but at 20,000 or is it example 2 stop 20,000 limit 22,000?
      Can it even work like this

  3. 19:00 “There needs to be various stages”

    The test node stages: 1.35.0 ; 1.35.1 ; 1.35.2 ; and now 1.35.3 lmao

    19:30 the Cardano community is the one saying “wait, wait! Listen to SPOs and test node 1.35.3 more” lmao IOHK wants to upgrade ASAP.

  4. In crypto, I am seeing child like attitudes all sides of projects. My hope is cryto doesn’t find a way to eat it’s own while we are going to mass adoption and all is that is being published is the crappie, not good. This should be a blockchain spring, not a crypto winter. Heard this on Uphold live. Hopefully we get folks learning what is crypto pass the price point and charts today

    1. @ZC Productions Blockchain tech is a solution for the wrong problem. However it’s too late for the technology to fulfill it’s actual purpose.

  5. Can this work for stop limit orders
    Example? Btc at 25000 but it’s going down can I buy? example 1: stop at $22,000 limit at 20,000 so if it keeps going down it would buy at 20,000 or the lowest it went down or is it example 2: stop 20,000 limit 22,000?

  6. *God will continue blessing you as you do bless me with a huge profit return of 8 btc just now♥️*

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