BITCOIN Mining Banned & ETHEREUM Crashed Losing $59.3 Million!

Today we will be discussing Ethereum institutional investors reallocating funds from Ethereum based products to other layer one blockchains. Next, we'll look at New York's bill that could effectively put a halt on proof-of-work mining in the state. Lastly, we'll talk about Meta's announcement that they'll be opening a physical store in California and what that will mean for its upcoming metaverse.

Around the is your favorite show discussing Bitcoin, Ethereum, , and the top altcoins. Our four crypto experts include MacNCheeasy, Joe Parys, Rice TVx, & Ben Armstrong. Tune in for their insightful !

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Joe Parys:



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BITCOIN Mining Banned & Losing $59.3 Million!

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    1. Or Pulsechain due to launch having an effect on Eth. I know a few million that got pulled out to be put into erc20’s that have stated publicly that they want to work with Pulsechain

  1. I’m not worried at all. All others. You are still early! PROBABLY THE 3 rd wave of investors. …No worries. Do not sell! Just HODL! WORK HARD AT YOUR CAREERS. Keep working and invest in what you can afford!

  2. What happened with crypto being a hedge against inflation? This starting to look like a pyramid scheme

  3. People can say what they want but Ben and his team does a great job at informing us about the market.

  4. It’s a wonder where the institutional investors are moving their funds to. If bitcoin mining is banned in certain regions, I think it’s up to the miners to move to more accepting regions to mine there while investors could use exchanges like Binance or platforms like UnidoEP to trade their bitcoin.

  5. This is manipulation shaking out weak hands…dont forget folks, the “big guys” have time on their sides they dont mind waiting for “the little guy” to sell to them…hodl and you’ll see what I mean!💯

  6. The narrative eth already exploded compared to Alts is insane because half of these alts exploded the last 3 years too cuz they didn’t exist before

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