Bitcoin Price Tanking – Here’s Why (Michael Saylor Responds to Elons Twitter Takeover)

In this video, we will discuss the price of Bitcoin, Ethereum, and the top altcoins. We'll take a look at the markets and the latest news.

-Topics We Discuss:
-Market Watch
-/ Charts
-FED Beatdown
-Earth Day
- Movie
-Twitter Bots
-Ukraine’s Ban
-XRP’s Next Steps
-Quick Hits/Q&A

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Bitcoin Price Tanking – Here's Why (Michael Saylor Responds to Elons Twitter Takeover)

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  1. The price of bitcoin will rise sooner or later and those who invest usdt in bitcoin now will benefit

    1. Courage taught me: no matter how bad a crisis gets, any sound of investment will eventually pay off –

  2. If your not buying and accumulating in this market … then your not confident in crypto long term and shouldn’t be investing in it! If you are confident in crypto and are investing for the long term then …. THESE PRICES ARE AWESOME! Hopefully we stay sideways for another 6 months to give us “Average Joes” time to average in!!

    1. First of all, you’re not a financial advisor. So don’t tell us when to buy. You know nothing about markets. Momentum is downward, look at a chart. More pain to come.

  3. Ben speaking the truth, we who stick around make the money, we have a great opportunity ahead, have to get through this price spring something this year. The. We will be off to the races next 18 months.

    1. hi bit boy you play ball? how about a game to 7 or 11? do something different? don’t let me intimidate you I didn’t play in high school didn’t play in college. I’m 57 years old and 5 ft 4 but I love to play. I’m in South Florida if you make it down sometime love to play. all the best

  4. Hey everyone if Ben says xrp is going to go lower now I know for sure this is the bottom. LOL. Sorry Ben but the truth hurts

  5. Love you guys been awhile since I watched. Keep preaching the good fight and keep people engaged, it will change their lives in the years to come.
    So predictable with the viewership, now is the time those life changing gains are made. I stuck with it 2018-19 and changed mine. Just buy the right things, wish I had it to do a little different but if you don’t know what to buy just buy BTC and you can make a few Alt. trades when the dominance has broken in the future as the bull kicks off.
    You can’t go wrong just buying BTC and have plenty of liquidity to trade into alts when the time is right. The game has changed a bit but accumulating BTC and trading alts to beat BTC is not easy over long periods of time.
    Everyone has go go through their crypto evolution on their own, many have just been a part of this game for 1-1.5 years. You have to do the whole 4 years to really get your head around it. It will punish you but have to learn those lesions and you will be rewarded with riches beyond your imagination.

  6. Bear market, bull market, TA analysis (aka market manipulation) by whales….who cares. If you invest long term (like years), no stress in investing in crypto market. If you don’t leverage, you won’t lose no matter which way the market goes. Bitboy has his place and good in doses. Listen to Datadash, Cryptosrus, and Coin Bureau also to get a full picture of the crypto market.

  7. Amazing.. just found out about you guys.. and i really wish i did before !! i got annoyed of hearing bs around here on youtube !!

  8. Always a bitboy channel maxxy…you guys pave the way for me to spread the word…my brother is on his way to enjoy the benefits of how blockchain tech will benefit my nephews!!!!

  9. Literally patted myself on the back because of this video. Thank you for the affirmation. I’m in for the long haul. Working for those millions

  10. I love this channel. But as far as technical analysis goes I watch the Blockchain Backer and I believe his thesis is spot on or at least close.
    I like this channel because it covers a lot more than just technical analysis. Bitboy crypto, and the Blockchain Backer are the two best in my opinion!

  11. Ben, love you guys and I’m not going anywhere. I like the fact that your not a bunch of fluff! You are a straight shooter. I invest for the long run. Good things are coming if you can be patient enough…. God bless brothers

  12. Bitcoin bull run ✈️ expected to take off again in 2022, and overlap with the run 🏄🏿‍♀️ up to next years Litecoin reward halving and this years fungibility & Privacy updates.

    Previous run ups had a huge effect 📈 👀

  13. Thankyou for reminding why I need to focus during this dull period. Bullish on studying and learning about crypto in this time ☕👨‍💻🐃

  14. BTC is still in a daily uptrend, although retail money has lost a little interest, with the ETFs coming to Australia I don’t think the dip will be for long, as still trading in the channel of 38k to 46k, and can not see what would drag BTC below $38k at the moment though,

  15. Ben, don’t get emotional over the people who have no real money invested and do nothing but sharpshoot. They don’t watch your channel unless they’re desperate, and they take out their frustrations on you. I pay attention to what you say as well as what your guests say, and it’s done me well in the mid to long term. I’m not a crypto guy, just someone who wants to make his money grow and this is just another way… and it’s kinda fun. I’m not a hodl’er, so I’ve sold on all the pumps since january (except for the latest one) then bought back in at the 36-39 range. I have half of my crypto money on the side waiting to buy up incrementally as it dips. Before my recent sale, I’ve nearly doubled my btc since January. Thanks again. Don’t get dramatic over the trolls. They know not what they do.

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