Bitcoin Price Wants To Pounce! Here’s The Macro News That Could Make It Happen!

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Introduction 00:00.
Confluence of macro data 00:20.
The case for bitcoin bulls to continue 1:45.
Favorable signs inflation is cooling 2:10.
Bitcoin rate in essential dip 2:50.
BTC belief and fear 4:10.
Bitcoin bullish setup in play. 4:55.
More bullish news on the way? 6:20.
An image of bullish continuation for 7:50.

The bitcoin cash is in the news. Inflation data is out soone, and it's expected to show that the U.S. inflation has actually decreased some. This might enhance equities even further, with S&P 500 pressing greater. BTC rate might be able to ride this wave and rally as well, particularly if inflation numbers come in much better than anticipated or other macro factors like payroll information coming out this week also.

Inflation and macro news -.


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Wants To Pounce! Here's The Macro News That Could Make It Happen!

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    Intro 00:00
    Confluence of macro data 00:20
    The case for bitcoin bulls to continue 1:45
    Positive signs inflation is cooling 2:10
    Bitcoin price in necessary dip 2:50
    BTC sentiment and fear 4:10
    Bitcoin bullish setup in play. 4:55
    More bullish news on the way? 6:20
    A picture of bullish continuation for btc price 7:50

  2. Yea snp is not Bad, nasdaq too, dxy is not very hight…my opion very bulish but now is 50/50…very nervouse Market

  3. I’m highly confused by your videos. Today you make bullish vid then tomorrow you make bearish video and so on…

    Like it only means TA doesn’t work.
    Your predictions are 50-50 which means useless. And so these types of video are just for entertainment and to give fake sense of understanding in predicting the market because human ain’t liking uncertainties, that’s what’s happening.

    1. Today the video included information on the current short to mid term rally. Yesterday was a video about the crash after the rally. ADVICE: Watch the videos before commenting. Your comments are not only wasting your time but anyone else reading, as they are 100% inaccurate.

  4. Simple thing is we will see a little relief rally RN but it will dip diper harder than ever cause everyone knows it’s a recession period and such things have had always happened! Just don’t be early to get FOMO …. Let the market settle to the bottom before you even think of buying the dip.

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