Is this bear market actually different this time? Many people keep saying it's different because of inflation and other economic factors. The 4 year cycle keeps repeating itself. There are patterns that have been consistent. And you know what? The Fed rate hikes have been good for bitcoin, this bear market has actually been very nice to bitcoin.

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  1. It’s a little different this time. BTC has only been alive during QE, we r now n QT. I still believe BTC will c new ATH’s at or near next halving April 2024

    1. Bear mkts suck. Do they ever end? Hehe. For better or for worse I am married to Hex. When ur stake u can’t sell.

  2. Just like stocks, bitcoin undergoes bear and bull cycles. But I have never, and probably will never invest or put my money on any crypto currency due to this:


  3. Thats right, the real difference is the dollar amount. This has been the biggest drop in dollar terms by quite a bit.

  4. I like your idea of focusing on the time periods and not the price. Picking the exact top or bottom is a fools game. Happy Turkey Day!

    1. Not really. I get it, maybe I need to figure out the time periods as well. I also made a video on that I predicted bitcoin to the tee. From 30K-15K so its probably not a fools game to predict the top or bottom

  5. “Time is more important than price. when time is up, price will reverse.” Times about up, funny enough Christmas is the day.

  6. One of the best updates after those negative news this year! Keep staying positive… we are still early! Btw when will you visit Switzerland?🇨🇭😎

  7. Ben, the “climate change” crap as it pertains to proof of work mining really is a big deal. That could stop the big institutional money from coming in.

  8. Ben, you were right in November last year when you predicted the top due to the fed getting hawkish on interest rates. That’s a macro environmental variable. But now all of a sudden, macro environmental variables don’t effect Bitcoin? Dude… 😂

  9. I am greatful for people in the apace like Richard Heart and BB who are making this space a better place. Even if the bear keeps on tearing us now, one day the storm will pass

  10. Apologize!
    I had you all wrong … I didn’t understand big picture perspective… I appreciate the energy and info you bring to the space Ben! Thank you for being here! Happy Thanksgiving from a old new sub… 🦃😎

  11. You are right in that every time a player goes down, they seem to be bigger and bigger. so in theory, it should be more and more difficult for these types of things to materialize again. we’ll see I guess.

  12. I really like you ,you are one honest and honorable man and remember honest people can make mistakes…it’s life

  13. Times change and sometimes themes can too. But overall the direction of Bitcoin is going up long-term. PERIOD

  14. Macro never bottomed while fed raising-pivot-temporary macro crash/lag effect. Curious to see how that affects btc price at that time.

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