Bitcoin’s Biggest Secret! (Mt. Gox Crash Looming)

Brad Varnell
Matty B
Crypto Blood
Kelly Kellam

Today we will be discussing the scheduled release of the infamous Mt. Gox hacked funds and what this might mean for and crypto markets! Next we’ll talk about on-chain data showing that 62% of addresses have continued to HODL for at least one year, and last we’ll look at the recent addition of Cardano to the Robinhood trading exchange, will people FOMO in?!

Around the Blockchain is your favorite Cryptocurrency show discussing Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cardano, and the top altcoins. Our four crypto experts Brad Varnell, Piano Matty B, Crypto Blood, & Kelly Kellam. Tune in for their insightful crypto analysis.

Brad Varnell:

Piano Matty B:

Crypto Blood:

Kelly Kellam:

Intro music by Gregario Franco. Song – Nacht
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Bitcoin's Biggest Secret! (Mt. Gox Crash Looming)

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  1. Hahahaha best show every. DEEZY not being able to hear. Especially around the Vlad comparison! “DEEZY is that you?”

  2. This dude keep calling Vasil Vaseline, yet Vasil is actually someone in the community who passed away and the upgrade is named after him smh. Moreover, CryptoBlood says by the time Cardano’s Defi ecosystem grows, it will only meet its current MC Lmao then ETH is 10X over valued then since they’ll both have a significant ecosystem in such scenario, however, Cardano has wayy better/secure tech. You can actually keep your keys while staking ADA.

    1. Well I didn’t know that fact about Vasil, so there’s no disrepect there. However, ask yourself. What was ETH’s MC when it started introducing DeFi? – Which btw was the first blockchain to do it.

    2. @CB TV [Crypto Blood] ETH’s average MC during the last winter is what Cardano’s MC is now. Does that mean that Cardano will also more than 10X as ETH did from the winter lows to it’s last high? Regardless, my point is that it’s superior tech and more decentralized:
      1. You keep your keys while staking ADA
      2. You can do x2 yield (stake and provide liquidity simultaneously right now)
      3. You can send over 100 assets in one tx (batching at the base layer enabled by eUTXO)
      4. No slashing
      5. Less vulnerabilities , no DAO-like hack/bad fork events
      6. NFTs are native assets and can carry identity/metadata (check out adahandle)
      7. Top 5 in NFT sales
      8. One of the biggest/diverse communities in crypto
      9. Everything I mentioned is current, not forward-looking

      On the ETH side:
      -consider LIDO/Coinbase are centralizing the network
      -still need 32 ETH to become a
      ~40% of their chain’s nodes run on
      AWS. It’s not laaS it’s CaaS=

      — This is coming from someone who still holds some ETH (as a hedge), BTC, ALGO, DOT, ect… no maxi here.

  3. It’s not the fact the Liquidatians are smaller in consideration to the broader market. The ripples they make may be small but can still be turned into big waves if the momentum is utilised by a short whale

  4. Crypto Blood what do you know I dont know. In all topics you start with that. But still you have opinion. Learn ADA, than have an opinion! Vasil hardfork, decentralisation, security, staking, etc…

  5. Will be so easy for market makers to tank the price on the fear of mtgox payouts, to whipsaw us into the greatest short squeeze in Bitcoin’s history.

    1. Tether fears and Mt. Gox fears are just a couple things that make bitcoin so volatile and therefor profitable. I’ll be sad when the Mt. Gox wildcard is over.

  6. If only one person had mention Robinhood let’s you send crypto to your wallet & DCA. That’s a game changer, buying Ada has been hard for me until now

  7. As a person who bought BTC above $30K I hope it is not taking too much time to reach this high again. I can’t bear thinking how much usdt I’m loosing (of course I’m not selling anyway, just whining)

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