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  1. Saved crypto?!!! Thank the crypto gods we’re not really waiting on you or anybody you know to “save crypto”. LOL! Saved crypto. LOL! OMG! You’re hilarious!

  2. Did you try to get SBF to self correct before you blew the lid off in order to save so many from this debacle?? Was there any way SBF and FTX could have been legally and morally salvaged before they were taken down? In other words was it a calculated plot to take down this big player who did not know how to operate ethically for the benefit of well placed others? Who really benefited the most from this takedown. That is one of the things we need to look at.

    1. IMO, from the beginning, there has been a planned to take down all of crypto, particularly bitcoin, so there is absolutely no competition for the CBDC and total control of the population.

    2. Lmao the guy is yelling get your money out of FTX. And you want to know if he could have played nice with SBF. 🤦‍♂️

    3. By the time he started yelling the scams had been going on quite awhile. The poison was already in the system.

  3. Yes . im more convinced than ever that this was planned all along.
    But that it was supposed to happen later than it did and it was supposed to be much much bigger.
    Big enough to literally destroy the entire market.
    I think the fact that CZ and others forced it to happen sooner rather than later was just the best thing that could have happened.

    1. Agreed. Remember that CZ took about a half billion dollar hit, eating a bunch of useless FTT tokens. To expose the scam. Im not saying CZ is a hero or a great guy. But he probably deserves more credit than he has gotten thus far. Otherwise, SBF would still be in business right now. Perhaps big banking had a plan to use SBF, to remove P2P Decentralized currency exchange, from the globe, by a crushing scandal later on down the road, when Crypto Market cap was closer to golds value of 5/10 Trillion dollars.
      I dunno. Just speculating.

    1. @Ryan Anderson  just search bitboy vs heckler. Instead of having a thought out response to these allegations he responds like a child calling a woman a child molester. This is not a genuine person to trust and lead you financially if they can be broken this easy.

    2. How far have you gone to bring down FTX ? Or are you just hiding behind the keyboard like a little child. Bitboy made a difference in crypto. Love it or hate it.

  4. I was calling O’Leary shady way before he got involved in sbx debacle and starts his own crypto after being late to party and only getting in crypto markets fomo in during last bull run

    1. Altcoin Daily exposed O’Leary some years ago. There was an obscure video from some Canadian news show interviewing O’Leary where he talks positively about Bitcoin, only to then go on the U.S. mainstream media shows and call Bitcoin “garbage”. I always thought that guy was and is a snake.

    2. @skip ondowntheroad definitely a snake . The guy does interviews in suit jacket with tie and pajama bottoms and slippers . Same thing with his crypto pov he was anti crypto until a couple years ago.then when he gets involved he’s promoting sbf because he’s vested in what he doesn’t study

  5. If anyone in the comments knows the answer to his. On Dec 1st’s video, Bitboy said he was going to post ‘all the evidence’ on Dec 2nd if SBF didn’t respond to him. So, it’s a day later? Has Bitboy posted any evidence?

  6. Every time I have to hear a YouTuber cry politics (how the election was stolen from them) just makes me wonder, how brave and courageous (NOT) are you really being?

  7. We’ve seen YouTubers influence crypto depending on who pays them (like MSM). We all now know that retail investors have been used by influencers as exit liquidity etc. We all regret questionable choices in the past, but what makes you so special or separates you from other influencers? Serious question.

    1. Can you define the difference between youtube influencer and non influencer? Words thrown out without definition do not help a discussion move forward.

    2. Lol you already forgetting all the projects he shilled…then his followers got absolutely decimated. There’s proof he’s pumped and dumped.

  8. I had no idea Ben was elected into congress smh…. That’s why crypto doesn’t get taken seriously… Creators are coming on to this platform to talk nonsense, Ben you did not write a Bill.

    1. Absolutely 100% Agree. We definitely don’t need him anywhere near the front lines of this space, way way in the back is where he belongs.

  9. I’m telling y’all this man is fill of himself. I’m still confused on the Gucci fits that’s another story 😂😂😂😂

  10. Good to see everyone dumping their money away by listening to this guy’s crypto advice. Oh what has the world come to?

  11. Seemingly, every self important person needs a media platform to support their biased agendas. Sad that it’s almost impossible to find an unbiased news source that’s free of personal persuasions.

    1. 😂😂 That’s definitely no limo. It’s those little things that people like him say & do that I wouldn’t trust anymore than SBF himself.

  12. One thing I think is really dodgy is the fact that just a few months before FTX fell apart, they bought Liquid Global. Interestingly enough, Liquid was the only place you could buy $MTC. What’s MTC? It’s Metacoin, the native currency of Hyperledger Fabric. Check out the Metacoin explorer and the MRC-010 coins. Now, as Liquid has halted trading, you can’t buy Metacoin. Also check out the partners of HL. Something is going on with that

  13. Ben, I appreciate all that you and your team do. You are correct, independent/citizen news outlets are the way to go. If you are not familiar with Timcast IRL, you should check them out. He has been doing independent news reporting awhile now and doing it right. We would love to see you as a guest on there sometime, that would be epic! Keep it up!

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