Booming Real Estate Market Gets Crushed (Web3 Disruption Imminent)

Web3 is gaining momentum and virtual is at the forefront of the movement. In this video, I sit down with Justin and Bryan from to discuss the rise of digital land ownership, how the blockchain can improve modern processes, and what the future looks like for the .

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0:00 Intro
0:28 Should we diversify into digital land?
2:46 Why do we have a system where someone needs a license to organize the sale of something?
4:47 What would happen if we moved all land assessments and land deeds to the blockchain?
7:06 How would private sales be affected by this new industry?
8:52 What is going to happen with the in a few years?
10:21 Are these middleman jobs going to merge online?
11:23 Outro

#web3 #metaverse #crypto #realestate #blockchain #economy #money #invest

Booming Real Estate Market Gets Crushed (Web3 Disruption Imminent)

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  1. One the title side absolutely block chain is changing the game. However your going to have to have licensed people originating the loans and auditing them. Their is to much potential for fraud to not verify people’s information. Automated underwriting has come a long way but a human can often make judgement calls that can and do save people who would normally be turned down for a loan.

  2. The only way digital land would make sense is if you can’t tell the difference between the simulation and reality in all of the 5 senses

  3. Ben you need to think about people that are not financial intelligent, older people who have no idea how to use the smartphone or just regular people who don`t have money value and negotiation skills, those need realtors or middlemen. definetly people that watch this channel will not really need anyone but these are probably 10% of the world only

    1. That’s how you know you are early to the game, embrace it, this has been said about every new technology.

  4. I just left being a realtor. I stopped because I hate realtors, lenders and lawyers lol. the job is shockingly easy

    1. Its really easy to sell right now hard as hell to buy! we got super lucky got our house with minimal 3rd party help. they did the paperwork. 1000 bucks but seller paid that.

  5. Allen Watts described middle man elimination via the computer in the 1950’s!!!!!!! Side note he also decried the blackberry cell phone except the keyboard was on the wrong side.

  6. Digital land seems like such a huge scam. I’d invest in beanie babies before I’d buy digital land.

    Yeah, some people will make money on it, but I just don’t see value in it.

  7. Why is Ben having a issue with real estate now? I’m done with this toad he looks dirty for a millionaire

  8. I bought a house and the market went up, awesome. Realtor %3, Realtor company %3. They walked away with all my gains.

  9. People like to have middlemen because it means if they lose their title deed they can still prove ownership. Middlemen are a pain sometimes, but other times they’re your saviour.

    Blockchain means self-custody which not everyone is comfortable with. What we’ll end up with is middlemen who interact with the blockchain for you.

  10. I mean unless you understand contract law and how to do title searches and understand title defects and also real estate law you should definitely do all those things yourself. That’s a bad take guys and yes some people are lazy as realtors unless your buying your mammas house you should use a lawyer or agent

  11. Purchasing land in the metaverse versus purchasing land in real life are completely different. Purchasing a development site requires technical understanding of how the site will be delivered, planning obtained etc. property development is completely different. You won’t be able to transpose buying a site in the metaverse to acquiring a complexed site in real life. These guys don’t understand the complexities of how development works.

  12. Like Victoria, Landian Metaverse is powered with Unreal Engine and is the first Metaverse on BNB. Presale June 15th $.30/Lnda and Land sale launch July 1st

  13. Polkacity is a trully hidden gem. Imagine owning nft bitcoin mining rig is owning a bitcoin mining rig in real life.Polkacity is connecting metaverse with real life………….

  14. sorry bro truck drivers will still be around in 20 years even if everything’s automated your argument is that will drive themselves well trains do that now and a truck driver still has to take that from point A to point B

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