Boris Johnson Resignation SHAKING Crypto!! (Bitcoin & Ethereum Positioning For Take-Off!)

In this video, we will discuss the price of Bitcoin, Ethereum, and the top . We'll take a look at the markets and the latest crypto news.

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Boris Johnson Resignation SHAKING Crypto!! (Bitcoin & Ethereum Positioning For Take-Off!)

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  1. How the hell can boris Johnson going to pump crypto? I live in the uk and this ain’t happening big man, talk Pish

    1. @Paul Bird yes I agree with you he’s not for crypto, but the external factors like the leader of a country saying he’s going to resign has an effect on the economy, whether or not you or I think so or not, the fact stands that it definitely does especially when you look at the stats, although.

    2. Although yes a lot of crypto youtubers do a lot of “clickbatey” stuff, and you can’t there word for law

  2. 36:26 Sunak = Rishi Sunak. Ironically probably the biggest influencer of crypto-related laws and regulations in the UK. Try not to wind him up, I’m trying to keep my £12.3k tax allowance on capital gains! And I don’t know if he likes Madonna.

  3. also uploader blocked thumbs down lmao cant even handle that. ony good reason for this channel is to do opposite of what he suggests. if he says btc gonna gp up exwct it to dump

  4. I want to make reach on the coins to buy before market recovery. OJX coin is one my list of coins.

  5. Imagine if Saylor was just advertising his “liquidation” price in order to trick the big players into bringing the market down so he can actually buy for dirt cheap… SAYLOR HAS NO LIQUIDATION POINT 🤔

  6. I haven’t watched your show in a good long while and I just want to say I love your personality!

  7. Seems like nobody gives a crap about the mt.gox proceedings. the community could realy use an updated breakdown of current status.
    plz consider doing one.

  8. I would like to believe that Johnson’s resignation will have a positive impact on Bitcoin and I will finally see a steadily growing Bitcoin in my bfx wallet.

  9. futures = corrolation = wall st control. That was the reason for futures in the first place. Not really more complicated than that

  10. Hold celsius accountable for what? All the fearful going to ask for their coins at the same time?

  11. The deep brain chain site and twitter still seem to be active… not promoting anything because the price is def dead…. But is the project dead if people are still “working” on it.

  12. Let the fomo videos begin🥁 He’s making it sound like Btc and Eth are about to have a V-Shape recovery. Don’t fall for this and click bait should be illegal.
    Reminder everyone, we are in a bear market and bear market pumps are common. They are not ready for any real take off and it’s very likely we will come down to test new lows at some point. Be patient and be careful who you depend on for your crypto news.

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