Breaking XRP NEWS! Ripple Just Landed ANOTHER Crushing Win!

The Ripple vs. SEC case has a great deal of holders enjoying as this case is a big deal for holders, whether or not you hold or not. Well, more was released today in concerns to the Ripple vs. SEC case that is in favor of Ripple. Depending on how this case continues to move forward this could eventually be good for rate.

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  1. Good job. Paying attention to something so important for all of crypto. Crypto is so full of ignorant people who still pray Ripple fails, its unbelievable how stupid people can be. Basically betting against their own investments in other crypto they own.

    1. @Rubix No, let’s do it right here. Show me where it says, show me where anyone actually says the outcome of the XRP case affects the entire space. But you can’t. You act like there’s so much to follow, like there’s so much going on. It’s been what? Two years? it takes about five minutes a week to follow the case. And literally no one covering it has ever stated such a ridiculous thing.
      you keep saying there’s proof, and you want to do it in discord where no one can see, do you know how to copy and paste? Let’s see it. I’ll wait…
      And clearly I’ll be waiting a lifetime.
      And are you just going to keep repeating whatever I say? Or do you have anything original. How about something other than your ridiculous thoughts. You can put it right here.
      Do yourself a favor and get out of your mom‘s basement and get a life.
      Oh wait, let me guess. You’re somehow going to pin it on me that I’m wrong because I won’t go to discord. I have nothing to hide. So let’s see it, clueless.

    2. @Rubix Dont even waste your energy on an obvious hater. He doesnt get it… He thinks it just stays ‘case by case’ even if Ripple loses. Its complete dominancy for the SEC over the rest of crypto when that happens. You can’t explain this to brainless people like himself.

    3. @Ace XRP I would say he really is just another Ripple and XRP hater. Brains in the anal region. im done for the night 🙂

    4. @Joel Hagen ok first of all in all respect to you. The case is not against XRP it’s against Ripple. Secondly if it is deemed that XRP is a currency and not a security as it was supposedly determined by the SEC of being based on the Howie Test. It would force congress to rewrite the script on crypto currencies ALL AROUND to bring forth REGLATION and REGULATORY CLARITY for ALL CRYPTO CURRENCIES. So the SEC cant just willy nilly go after any crypto they want. EVERYONE invested in crypto should be rooting for RIPPLE…..RIPPLE not XRP!

    5. @KrisWuzright Yes I know it’s against Ripple. But as you know everyone just calls it XRP even though they are two separate entities.
      but that’s where you’re wrong. It will not force Congress to do anything. That’s why the SEC has already stated, at least to date that cryptocurrencies will be judged on a case-by-case basis. Which is exactly how it needs to be done based on how they were created, presale, mined, distributed, even down to someone saying make money by investing in this.
      At least as far as deeming a cryptocurrency a security or not. i’ve been in the space for six years and every single year everyone talks about regulation coming “this year” meaning every year for the last six years. But it never happens. But one thing we can agree on is we need regulations to be implemented. But it won’t be in the way you’re thinking. and there is no way the SEC or Congress will allow a regulation in favor of all cryptocurrency at once when it comes to being a security or not. For other things I’m sure they will make a regulations as a whole. but it will be on a case-by-case basis. at least that’s how it is for now.
      When ripple wins and it’s just about certain they will then at least the space will have something to go off of and use. and as we all know the Howey test is complete garbage and should never be used judging a cryptocurrency.. I appreciate your comment.

  2. Xrp is a case study for all Crypto assets. Whatever the result maybe for Xrp. The whole crypto assets will either win or learn regulations from all angles.

  3. $XRP looks like a falling wedge and might actually go rippy! But Bitty has to fall some more before it starts flying

  4. Don’t you think NFTs on XRP can push that price up? Regardless from the law suit, at least in the short term.

  5. Good to see
    You switch from Cardano and talk about our baby Xrp! But at the same time, people should not talk just one project and ignore what would probably resurrect crypto than Bitcoin when it is adopted. Japan plans use Xrp in all the banks there and not any other Crypto and yes this is important to emtire Crytpo despite everyone ignoring Xrp! This case will be what helps all Crypto to benefit if ruling is in our favor.

  6. See what it takes for justice to prevail when it’s the govt as plaintiffs. Just shows how the world is. It’s why I voted for Republicans down the ballot without even looking at the names on the ballot. I voted for Crypto. It was that important.

  7. Good post! Thank you. We will see a slow grind up in price over the next couple months as investors get more exposure to the asset in prep for outcome.

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