Bullish On Changing Lives

To some measure, we’re all in the space for “what’s in it for us.” But just maybe we won’t see the good parts of the space for all that it is, and go as far in it as we can if we don’t see what it can do for others worldwide.

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Bullish On Changing Lives

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  1. He gave a terrible explanation. Another reason I am against crypto. It’s a scheme. No matter what you say, it’s extremely unpredictable and high risk.

    1. @Daniel C nothing. I don’t invest in crypto. I invest in real estate and stocks. I work in finance and my clients retire daily off of their 401k, IRAs, and Brokerage accounts. None have retired off of crypto investments. Sure, there’s a few people in the world who became millionaires from these new types of investments but the reality is, most crypto investors are losing lol. It’s not going to replace the stock market or currency. People were so scared of the dollar, yet a MMK mutual fund would’ve made you more than any crypto currency during these dips 🤣. Lower risk stock investments like mutual funds are best for beginners. You could buy only Coca Cola stock for the next 20 years by dollar cost investing $100 a week and be a millionaire. Dividends and growth are what I seek. I don’t follow trends. When you work in finance and have a clear understanding of this, it makes sense to only invest based on facts and not speculation. I don’t use my feelings to make decisions when I invest, I use facts. Even with the pandemic and inflation, My portfolio has a 35% ROI. In 2020 I had a 50% ROI. I also bought a ton of company stock at a discount which only increased my gains. My ESOP account will be worth in 10 years than any crypto portfolio and even during recessions, it’ll hold its value. I believe crypto will still exist in the future, but only 5-10 of the main players will remain. Bitcoin or Ethereum are the only crypto I believe has some “real” Intrinsic value.

  2. Good stuff to hear always. Changing lives help the work a man does make the work more meaningful each day even in the bad times.

  3. I agree! Everyone wants to abandon the mission when the going gets tough. Stay the course, I’ll sell everything else before I dump my ETH and BTC!

  4. Cnbc just made a segment about this YouTubers influencers making money promoting shady partners and cryptos that would tank later

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