Caleb Hammer’s Bitcoin Advice! (Was He Right?)

What does Caleb Hammer consider ? He believes an emergency situation cost savings can't remain in the type of . Many Americans only have $500 in emergency funds.

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All of our videos are strictly personal viewpoints. Please make certain to do your own research. Never take one person's opinion for monetary assistance. There are several methods and not all techniques fit all individuals. Our videos ARE NOT financial guidance. Digital Assets are extremely volatile and carry a considerable amount of threat. Just usage exchanges for trading digital possessions. Never ever keep your entire portfolio on an exchange. ben armstrong bitboy.

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Caleb Hammer's Bitcoin Advice! (Was He Right?)

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    1. That guy was absolutely hurting for cash if you watch the whole episode haha. Most of his guests are seriously hurting for daily expenses so he does have a tendency to suggest people move out of crypto since they can’t pay their own water bills without a loan or credit card.

  1. Caleb tells him to sell because the guy is in huge debt and has half of his money tied up in a volatile asset.

    1. Yes.
      Not only his debt, but the guy was laid off from a tech job (he was a manager of managers) and decided to pursue his passion for real estate without having another job lined up. He was going to study to be a realtor. With 3 months of severance and no income. I dont remember exactly, but i think he had a 401k that he wiped out too for this house he bought and on shaky ground with his marriage. Way too much exposure to risky scenarios.

  2. I quit my job comfortably in March to take time off and focus on a tendonitis issue in my arm. Started working in August. Do yourself a favor and save your money! Live frugal, so you can do big things.

  3. Completely wrong take saying you are not beating inflation with cash. Money market funds pay out monthly pro rated based on 5% per year. So you are getting more than 5% and when rates do drop, you can have cash to buy equities. Btc is NOT leading to financial freedom.

  4. The people on Caleb’s show are in moderate to massive debt. His goal is to create a plan that will get them out of debt on a target date, IF followed. Once they are out of debt, then he would encourage them to invest. There is no investing built into the plan, this would create uncertainty of the target date to get out of debt. I don’t think Caleb would have an issue with someone buying Bitcoin if they were debt free.

    Caleb Hammers show is great and love watching him freak out on people. I would recommend people in this space to give him a chance.

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