Cardano ADA ALERT! “Something Special Is Coming…”

Cardano ADA in the middle of a bull market and still putting in bullish basic news. This is why I like ADA … Cardano is constructing. There is constantly something in the work from a technological perspective and this is necessary to me. FTX listing ADA and some cool obviously in the works as crypto begins a new week today.

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Cardano ADA ALERT! "Something Special Is Coming…"

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    1. The daily chart has a macro falling wedge.. The breakdown could be a fake out to the downside.. IT is so oversold.. Its friggin crazy… But, Cardano has a real cap ex burn for the development community that is, arguably, the best in crypto.. That commerce is going to put downward price pressure when the overall bid is weak.. However, that Cap x burn has a return on investment that is top tier in crypto and, with overalll growth of crypto that costs will become a smaller and smaller percentage of the bid volume and float.. ADA will eventually rip upside.. We are buying all in here and just hoping to get a deep capitulation discount opportunity.. Just hoping and that fiat bag, looking to get rid of it for the premier blockchain in Crypto

  1. Thanks Dan informative video as always!! Don’t get sucked in by the trolls comments they don’t deserve to own Cardano anyway…lol

  2. The thing is with ADA and it is very clear at this point that those involved in the ecosystem can see the market manipulation charade every day. We see a good representation of the ecosystem through the stake pool operation and we know it is not loyal delegators moving the markets that much daily. Nobody that is vested for the proper reasons in this project is selling and if they take profit on occasion they are blessed. One ADA has a million Lovelace so that is like seven digits to the bottom and I would wager many delegators would hold down to the very last decimal point.

  3. Thank you Dan you have been here for us all the way you are appreciated keep up the great work 👍👊🍀

  4. I do it for the Cardano Fam Bam🏄 I know a lot of people don’t like SBF but getting listed on FTX is HUGE! The more people that are able to get involved in ADA the better for everyone!

  5. Cardano has always been impressive but most people has only started noticing it. I’ve been holding it on my finex account for as long as I can remember, and it feels great to be on of the first people to appreciate it

  6. Thanks Dan, you’re doing a good job. Maintain that we’re in for crazy economic pain for the foreseeable future though. Appreciate your videos!

  7. I think ADA will get listed on FTX by virtue of the fact that FTX is buying Voyager and as a result, FTX is expanding their portfolio to cover some of the crypto’s that Voyager carries which FTX currently doesn’t. I have a small amount of crypto on Voyager and received an email just the other day indicating this very thing. It didn’t specifically mention ADA, but they did say they were going to add a number of crypto’s to make to transition to FTX easier

  8. Hey brother, I just wanted to let you know that there is a typo in the description. I almost never read the written description, but for some reason I did this time. And I saw that it said that Cardano was in the middle of a “bull” market. I’m pretty sure you meant “bear”. Lol, I just wanted to let you know. Great video as usual otherwise. Thanks Dan.

  9. Appreciate all the hard work you put into this channel and will continue to support both you and ADA long term!

  10. I’ve been saying this for months: the price of ADA is down, but the Cardano project is strong and will continue to get stronger.

  11. Just looking at this from a long term perspective: ADA, imo will FOR SURE set a new all time high in the next 2-5 years. Easy 10X plus staking rewards.

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