Is Cardano on it's way back into the top three? In this video, we will discuss the price of Bitcoin, , and the . We'll take a look at the cryptocurrency markets and the latest news. Bitcoin keeps moving sideways and it's unclear where things are going to go.

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  1. since Dan was on the show BTC dumped nearly 50%, so yeah he did expect lower, he mentioned 20k, 13k, 10k but never said we going there now. Good job Mike. Smooth as always.

    1. I think it is just a matter of time before bitcoin heads towards the 200 day moving average!! Would be a sweet deal at those prices

  2. Swapped my ada for usdt a while back, now I think I’ll actually buy some back while we’re in bear market

  3. At such moments, I sincerely rejoice at the right decisions, namely, my usdt investments in ADA were not in vain.

  4. Let’s be real…even if the Ripple case was settled with the SEC right out the gate, XRP would still not have reached its ATH. It just wouldn’t have. Closer to the previous ATH, sure. But it still would have fallen short.

    1. Um it got over half way to its ath without being on hardly any exchanges in the US and in the midst of a lawsuit. Its one of only a handful of cryptos with actual adoption in the real world. Simply put…your comment holds no reasoning

  5. Makes me feel good that Ben is holding Ada as an unrealized loss. We are crypto. Much love from WA. I’m accumulating every time ada hits .40 – .50 range

    1. Few people know this, but when BTC is down you can still profit. You need a bot that can identify trends and short BTC with low risk. That’s more profitable than “hodling”. EDIT: since so many of you are asking, I use Galileo FX Pro to short BTC using CFDs contracts. You can also program/code your own robot but that will take 4/5 years. . . .

  6. The stuff we have been building on Cardano is amazing. So glad to see ADA getting the attention it deserves.

  7. So sad I missed this today! I just joined the Alliance with a few V1 Alien NFT’s and want to show love and support!

  8. Sir kindly make a video on paybolt
    Paybolt works on bnb chain,polygon and ethereum
    They have just made partnership with polygon .(polygon tweeted too )
    Giving utilities to all cryptos in future
    Merchant wallet
    User wallet both out now
    Cointelegraph article also out

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