Cardano: MILLIONAIRE MAKER (Why ADA WILL Make You RICH in 2023!)

Everyone enjoys a video served with an ice cold glass of clickbait. Even your mommy does clickbait on her OnlyFans account. Today we discuss the recent debate & what price point can get to in the next bull run.


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  1. cardano ceo it’s one of the most transparent guy out there
    that’s why i always liked ada,it’s gonna have a great future,just like brad and xrp

    1. Yeah, this is why he lied about his studies and he constantly promote misleading informations about the status and the real usage of the chain, shitting on other projects. Very transparent and honest….

    1. Tbh that sounds good to me. After trying out other chains, ADA seems the best streamlined experience. I love ADA.

  2. Cardano is your best safest bet for big gains and no stupid games. They test their Blockchain way more than their other competitors. Example Solana halting their chain once a month. Or like Luna just cryptos that are made to pump not have a actual utility in the world! God Bless Sunday!

  3. Ben – obviously Charles was not happy with your coverage of the recent testnet fail. I doubt your explanation here will make him feel better. I think everyone jumped on this story too early in an effort not to “miss” the news. I think a delay of 24 hours would have given you a more accurate youtube video.

    1. It wasn’t Ben that announced this.. it was a dev that took it to twitter and started bashing while still working for the “Cardano” blockchain etc. I do t think that guy has his job anymore..

  4. a real newspaper headline would not say something that is untrue. that’s what tabloids do, not journalists. you’ve gotta decide which you want to be.

  5. Video summary: Anyone who invests on the premise of an influencers click bait thumbnails is an absolute idiot. But then tried to justify click bait headlines to influence viewers and get new retail investors into the market. 👀

    1. I mean social media influencers are called influencers for a reason. I get it. But come on this video was not well thought through. It’s a post for the sake of needed to make a post.

  6. This channel should set an example as the “largest crypto channel” be above clickbate. Instead you go full regard on clickbate titles.

  7. ADA deserves this. Thank you for some damage control. The bad press ADA got recently for the TESTNET testing was total bullshit.

  8. I agree that Cardano and Charles should not get a negative or bad wrap for anything, let alone a bug during the test net.
    Single source naysayers should never hold weight and should in some way have to pay for their slanderous or defaming public articles-free speech or not!
    Shame on them!

  9. Hahah Ben learned that Charles is not happy with negative clickbait so he did a hyper positive clickbait before his Cardano summit to make the gang happy 😂😂

  10. The content of these videos were not negative at all. Channels like Bitboy or Crypto capital venture are absolute supporters of Cardano. Charles got too emotional imo. A CEO of a multi-million dollar company should at best eye-roll about it while drinking breakfast coffee and continue with business.

  11. Honesty! Much respect! I saw bitboy guest appearing on many smaller YouTubers.. and he is cool with them and doesn’t act like he is the “greater than” while guest appearing on their shows.

  12. Yes Ben I totally agree with the clickbait to an extent it will bring newbies to crypto then upto them to branch off once they understand the technicals .

  13. Ben, the reality is people absolutely do make decisions based on thumbnails and thumbnails absolutely do affect price. And quite frankly you are ignorant if you think otherwise

  14. I am so glad Bitboy is seeing the light… Anyone that got burned by the latest coins crashing (Luna) or centralized exchanges (voyager or Celsius) now understands that sticking with the crypto fundamental tenants is paramount. Any coins not focus on these i am staying away from. Maxi’s are spreading FUD because they need to slow Cardano’s progress.

  15. ETH is like the nice house on the street that they kept adding additions to.. at some point you end up with a very very large house that is just an eyesore. ETH is super complicated and has made poor choices in how they want to roll out staking. It’s centralized and requires giving up custody. These are fundamental crypto tenants that you should not get away from. Everyone in crypto knows , not my keys not my crypto.. Slashing will hurt people. ETH staking is basically another type of bridge… scarey.

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