creator Micky Watkins required to Twitter to have a dialogue with Mark Cuban about not only Cardano, however World Mobile in specific. The exchange consisted of essential questions being answered surrounding how World Mobile is building an infrastructure to connect the unconnected through blockchain on Cardano. It was excellent to see Micky Watkins take to social media to connect with interruption expert, investor and Shark Tank veteran Mark Cuban. The goal? To address community questions on the exciting new venture all while presenting an opportunity for the cryptocurrency community to get included.

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  1. I can’t help but think that most of Mark Cuban’s comments are a direct result of the Mavericks accepting dogecoin for merchandise and tickets.

  2. Excellent video, Dan! I have a decent stack of ADA, but none of the underlying tokens. Thanks to this educational video, I’m going to look more into WMT and see if it might be the first ADA token I put some money in. Do you have any WMT?

  3. Thanks Dan! Because of this video I now own airnode and earthnode domains on Unstoppable Domains at a bargain basement price! And I’m staking in CCV4 – running solid my friend! Keep up the Good Work!

  4. This is EXACTLY what we’re looking for. Mark is invested in ADA and wants it pumped but they don’t sell it well enough. He’s helping them.

  5. Love it! World Mobile spends all their time building. You put a spotlight on it which helps their marketing. It’s the neighborly thing to do. Growing the entire Cardano ecosystem helps all of us. Thanks as always for your videos!

  6. That was an amazing back and forth.
    I love WMT. I own some, wish I own more. Will own more. But they do need to market their work more or better.
    World Mobile is the official sponsor of Fulham, English soccer team, and I have a few friends and family in UK who are crazy about soccer and watch Premier League every weekend -as well as use social platforms every day- of their lives and have zero idea what WMT is or does. I think that’s a waste. Everybody can’t and won’t be deep into crypto world news.

  7. Micky is always engaging with his community, its great to see this discussion online with mark. Top comment from you dan was WorldMobile is building and getting on with it.. micky has always taken an organic approach to building the WM community and never focused on HYPE

  8. Finally, some worthwhile dialogue instead of blurting nonsense for media fodder. Thanks Dan for bringing this to light.

  9. Brother! I can see where mark Cuban is coming from, it’s a great business model but still incomplete on the financial statistics and payment systems needed. That is why Djen Cardano stable coin and the vasil hardfork is needed with Coti, the multi currency Dag Blockchain to complete the financial payment side of world mobile. You are correct when saying that their boots on the ground installing the nodes and the system but there missing the scalability that only Coti and Djen will provide. The vasil hardfork and the whole system with Djen and Coti should be on mainnet starting in December or January, then the corporate partnerships can be scaled and implemented. Correct me if I am wrong! That is why Coti will moon once it launches Djed!! For sure!

  10. I asked about data from WMT team at some point and I think data is not yet that impressive. But when data/traffic getting better and better then things gets heat up really fast with WMT. Good video CCV!

  11. I saw Worldcom before I bought ADA over a year ago. Connect the unconnected is nice. Now, all that being said, businesses make money selling expensive products to rich people. Sad, maybe, but true: Apple, Vuitton, Tesla…. I think Cuban’s point about revenue is that one: where are the buyers throwing actual cash at an ADA project. We need that.

  12. This is great. Mark makes some snarky comments but he is no doubt a smart businessman. He never said, “I’m out”. Nice job Micky and thanks Dan for sharing.

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