Cardano On HIGH ALERT! (Can ADA Price Do It AGAIN?!)

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Introduction 00:00.
What is Cardano Vasil Hardfork? 00:50.
Beware with ADA and crypto markets right now! 2:30.
ADA rate alert heading into Vasil hardfork 4:30.

Cardano Vasil Hardfork -.
11 steps to scale Cardano 2022 -.

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* Crypto Capital Venture does not guarantee or make any representations or claims to any specific quantity of staking benefits that you will earn through entrusting your Cardano. Any return that the protocol disburses to you is decided by the procedure. You are not investing your Cardano with Crypto Capital Venture. Entrusting to a Crypto Capital Venture stake pool does not include moving or lawfully appointing the Cardano or the rights thereof. Crypto Capital Venture simply acts as a validator and supplies community members a way to entrust to the Cardano Protocol consensus system. All staking portion rates and all guidelines and parameters are decided by the Cardano protocol.

* The above video references an opinion and is for /information and home entertainment functions just. It is not intended to be financial investment recommendations, monetary advice, or any solicitation, suggestion, endorsement, or deal that you buy or sell any cryptocurrency or securities. in cryptocurrencies and securities is a high threat activity involving danger of loss so please look for an appropriately certified expert for investment or monetary suggestions. The information supplied on this video must not be utilized to make any investment or financial decisions without consulting your monetary or financial investment advisor. This video contains my opinion only and is not meant to cause harm or libel anybody or any entity.

Crypto Capital Endeavor is big on tracking market in particular. The basic property of technical analysis videos on Crypto Capital Endeavor is that although cost price relocations extremely in a really unstable way, there is much opportunity in being gotten ready for advantage and drawback. We also cover Bitcoin on this channel as it comes out.

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Cardano On HIGH ALERT! (Can ADA Price Do It AGAIN?!)

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  1. Thanks for watching! Like and Subscribe!

    Intro 00:00
    What is Cardano Vasil Hardfork? 00:50
    Be careful with ADA and crypto markets right now! 2:30
    ADA price alert heading into Vasil hardfork 4:30

    1. no financial advice — just asking for your thoughts — should we convert some portion of ADA to sundaeswap
      i.e. you are more bullish on ADA or sundaeswap

  2. Let us all stay positive and appreciate the growth in the Cardano and crypto ecosystem

  3. I think you gave an excellent analysis of where we are at right now Dan. I appreciate your videos. I know they’re probably not as fun to do during this bear market, but I really appreciate them. I hope you’re doing well with your move. God bless

  4. Holding since 2017 at 0,05 Cts stake since a while … wait and see ! Great video as usual dan

  5. With all the things going on for Cardano, I’m happy that others sleep on it! I will not miss this hardfork!!

  6. Thank you Dan for being a calming voice of reason. I’m looking at the current price dip as a huge opportunity to the most undervalued project in all of crypto. It’s just a matter of time before Cardano has a trillion dollar market cap.
    Buying more ADA strengthens my position because like you Dan I’m in for the long run.

    God bless you brother please keep fighting the good fight. I hope to one day meet you and shake your hand.

  7. I hold a large bag of ADA and I am long term bullish. But this hard fork will
    have no effect as Cardano is going to follow BTC, where ever that may be.
    BTC will need to find its bottom before we see a turnaround in the Alts.
    ADA will rise or fall accordingly.

  8. Thanks Dan for always doing the best job you can for ADA and it’s follower. Thanks Man.

  9. I’ve the confidence that Ada/Cardano will grow stronger, and the price will follow too. So, I don’t sell, I hodle.

  10. I’m loving this down trend in the price right now because it’s helping me to reach my 1500 Cardano goal.. I’m here for the long run boys …. Let’s go!!

  11. One tiny green day and the sentiment flips from ‘it could go lower’ to ‘wHaT iF We gO hIGhEr?’


    The market indices don’t care what upgrade a single crypto has gotten recently.

  12. I’m sick and tired of hearing about the rising interest rates and what it’s going to do to the markets! The markets have all been screwed since the new year!

    Interest rates have been low since 2008 people think they can have money for nothing – well now interest is creeping up to try and combat inflation which is 10 times worse than half a percent frigging interest rate rise ffs and ‘the market is worried’ – what bollox.
    Interest rates pre 2008 where huge especially the 70’s and 80’s – people don’t realise how lucky they’ve been for the last 15 years ffs

  13. No matter what, it’s always good to remember the progress made both in both tech and price.

  14. Super Bullish on ADA for the long-term, Dan. Nothing has changed for this Old Lady! Thank you for all you do. ✨💖✨

  15. Dollar cost average helps with long term gains. Just bought some more ADA, and I love that the beginning of the month I was able to get ADA at a discount.

  16. Let’s gooo Cardano, hard work and perseverance always pays off! HOLD and ACCUMULATE, let’s go!

  17. Bitcoin bull run 🏃‍♀️expected to take off again in 2022, and overlap with the run 🏃🏽‍♂️ up to next years Litecoin reward halving and this years Privacy and fungibility updates.

    Previous run ups had a huge effect 📈 👀

  18. Well it looks like we might be able to stake Cardano on SOFI sometime in the near future I believe. I just took a survey that was emailed to me asking all about staking so I believe it’s coming. But with what rates one could only guess????

  19. I want Cardano to moon but honestly didn’t it already 100x or so in the last couple of years. Are we just dreaming

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