Cardano Plunges To Bear Target. PANIC RISING! (How To Prepare For ADA Now)

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Introduction 00:00
.50 ADA rate target … inspect 1:40
oversold 4:40
New ADA rate targets and trendline 8:15
Cardashift launchpad live 14:30

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Cardano Plunges To Bear Target. PANIC RISING! (How To Prepare For ADA Now)

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  1. Thanks for watching!

    Intro 00:00
    .50 ADA price target…check 1:40
    Bitcoin oversold 4:40
    New ADA price targets and trendline 8:15
    Cardashift launchpad live 14:30

    1. I remember you saying a while ago a long time ago that 37 to 50 cents was a possible worst case scenario. You’ve always said this could play out this way. I’m a just wait until I see what bitcoin does before I do anything at this point. Not selling but will wait to buy until I see better indicators.

  2. I knew on this last upswing i should sell but was too lazy just to move onto the exchange. smh

    1. I knew to sell the CB staking pump but had high hopes things would stay green leading up to the hardfork.

  3. The only thing that matters is coin count and time in market ( not timing the market ). I think I’m going to do some door dash on the weekends to help DCA my buys 🙂

  4. First time that Crypto has to deal with a sustained bear market , but we need this , only the blue chip projects will survive …..

    1. I literally told my sons mother I almost don’t care anymore and want it to just drop to .15 so I can load up and come out the other side wealthy instead of just even.

    2. @Jay Byrd I dont know anything about crypto or investing in general, but I like your plan!

  5. I wish I waited to buy too. But, I did buy some at .50 which is great. I love your channel because I felt comfortable buying because of your TA. Thanks!

  6. Needed this video, you got me into ADA back in Dec. 2020. Thank you for your dedication to us Dan.

    1. This guy is right about one thing: ADA is a good project & long term investment.

      But after watching his videos and watching this video, I am convinced he has no clue WTH he’s talking about. In all his videos, he like most “crypto gurus” fail to acknowledge the impact of the fed rates to commodities… they forget or don’t know that crypto is a commodity.

      All crypto prices will take further dips later this year as the fed increases rates. Eventually in 2023 and all through 2025 as inflation is under control & market recovers, ADA will rebound to new highs.

      Expect a lot of bs crypto projects to crash in 2022. In my opinion, ADA will be one of the few to do well & stand out as a result. ADA has actually real world utility.

  7. Bought today, also targeting around $0.38 as a buy position as that matches the 88.6% retrace for all-time fibonacci

    1. @D Bells I believe firmly that ADA will revisit that top again. My DCA currently is lower that yours but we still need to lower the number by getting the asset at a cheap price. The truth is that we noobs do not know cheap prices until we go through a devastating bear market. Here is our opportunity dude! It is starting right now! BTC getting closer to the 200 WMA (this is key) these levels are historical in the BTC price movement.

    2. @Joe Joe johnson Yeah, only thing i have left on CB is COTI. Looking for a good wallet for these, sure wish i could store them in Daedalus or ledger live.

  8. Dan, I watch you daily since 2020. I have been buying all along and am saving my wad for the bottom. My goal was .51 but now that it’s here with this other stuff.. it’s looking like we might go lower.. So, yesterday I bought 10% .. my plan is 10% a day unless it goes to .35 then it’s all in.

    Thank You for giving me solid information that has helped me not to make mistakes.

    1. Why do you think .35 would be the bottom? Wait for it to turn around, and then buy in. You’re not going to miss the train. Maybe the low will be .15, no one knows. This guy pumps ADA every day, it’s ridiculous.

    2. @Haris Haris Yeah, I initially bought in at $2.50 all I can do is laugh and keep holding.

  9. I love buying with blood in the streets. Since it’s all essentially money I can afford to lose I’m loving the 49 cent Ada. I do feel for those that feel the need to cash out but I think that’s due to likely investing more than they should

  10. Really seems un-natural to me to accumulate while the prices are falling, but that is exactly what I have been doing. If it wasn’t for your positive content I may not be so bold but I am also not doing anything I can’t afford. If I lose it I lose it, I have a great job but if it finally sky rockets 🚀 as we all hope we will be celebrating together. Thanks for all you do Dan.

    1. Consider being patient and letting this thing bottom out instead of throwing your cash into a hole. We “could” go down 50% from here easy. Whales have most ADA they aren’t gonna hodl bc of Cardano’s strong fundamentals. Cardano won’t move against BTC unless it’s below it meaning watch BTC and know that if it falls alts will fall harder. Then when BTC finds a floor it might be time to DCA into ADA. Think of all the gains you won’t lose if you let this thing play out before buying, with all do respect..

    2. Warren buffet says do the opposite to what people are doing buy low sell high we’ve seen high now it’s time to buy low

  11. Thanks for the TA! Still holding ADA but I’m still waiting and not catching the falling knife. Fundamentals are not much of a factor these days imo and loyalty to the project will only keep people in for so long, though Cardano has the strongest community… I’m looking for 0.27 after capitulation where the hopelessly devastated finally tap out and bail on crypto. And even from there we should have cash on hand for further downside which would be the buy of a lifetime!!! We could pump from here but that could give even more fuel for a sell-off where holders see a last chance to escape on some green candles sending the price lower than today. I think ADA will be around after this bear market but some alts won’t ever go back to ATH. Maybe dot, sol, avax get left behind and slowly work their way down the list and never regain their glory. Maybe… But I’m sticking with ADA even though I should have sold. If we see a nice pump I might sell a portion, depending on what BTC is doing, so buyers beware. Don’t expect ADA to outperform BTC for a while and probably not ETH either.. But I would love to see Cardano outclass the other layer 1’s and reflect in price!

  12. I bought way to much with an average around $2. Now that we’ve broke .50 I’m about to start buying another 100 each week even though that won’t bring my average down.

  13. Actually excited to see this drop so I can aquire more ada… people need to think long term & not panic!

  14. I brought my DCA to $1.30 all the way from $2 when I was buying like there was no tomorrow. It was my first year and I’ve learned a lot since then. I gave Cardano a window of 10 years, so they have plenty of time.

  15. I have the same thing bro. I bought a lot of cardano a few days ago at around 70-80 cents range. Kinda regret that I didn’t wait a few days later. Would have been nice to buy now.

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