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Introduction 00:00
What is Cardashift 1:15
CLAP token 4:15
Cardashift launchpad 6:00
10 launchpad tasks 7:50
Financing process & personal sale 10:30
Launchpad timeline 12:15
Cardashift team 14:15

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Cardano Powered Launchpad CARDASHIFT Clear For Takeoff!

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  1. Thanks Cardashift for sponsoring this video! And thank you for watching!

    Intro 00:00
    What is Cardashift 1:15
    CLAP token 4:15
    Cardashift launchpad 6:00
    10 launchpad projects 7:50
    Funding process & private sale 10:30
    Launchpad timeline 12:15
    Cardashift team 14:15

  2. I’ve Been watching your channel on a daily basis , I like it but sometimes also question myself. Why you didn’t mentioned that ADA hit 0.40$ yesterday? I’m an investor in cardano I like the project but it would be good if you come up with serious/real realistic analysis. For example, what if things goes wrong for cardano , with all the financial crisis around the world? Is the project strong enough to survive? Your opinion on a worst case scenario? Thanks.
    Sponsored videos …that’s what triggers my trust on the channel. Gob bless , Jesus is the saviour . 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

    1. It’s already survived one bear market and has both the community and dev team to thrive in the long term. You’re good bro

    2. 1. I do mention terrible case scenarios of crypto failing and to anticipate everything. I also have been talking about .50 since ada was above $1. So I’m not sure what you are referring to that I don’t talk about realistic analysis.

      2. Why does sponsored content trigger your trust? The entire world runs on businesses and sponsorships. I am running a business here providing non-stop free content for my audience. Why does that same audience expect that I should put in hours of work everyday for free? I am so grateful and proud of every sponsor that we have. The fact that it triggers your trust is maybe something you should identify why that is for you personally. Because I am just here running a business and deciding to bring on sponsors that are synergistic with my content and audience.

      God bless you my friend.

    3. I was referring to the 0.40cents. And yes we all know the risks we can’t blame no one if it fails. I am a positive person as you are. Thanks for replying. Well appreciated. Many blessings our way , amen 🙏🏽

    4. I can’t with you people. Start a crypto channel before you criticize every fart people take 😂

  3. Being of age and how to manage the sequence of returns in those early periods is what seems quite scary in the current market . The market is never a loser in a twenty year cycle , but the 2000s decade scenario scares me and could really disrupt my retirement . When you are no longer accumulating but withdrawing it’s hard to be anything but cautious .

    1. @Mustak Husain That’s where online brokers can come in handy: Those that offer intuitive platforms and plenty of educational resources can guide you through your early investing days::

    2. A good broker is much more than a venue to execute trades. Look for a broker that can assist you with quality research and educational materials to aid your development as an investor and help you make wining decisions in the markets

    3. Been trying to get started but i end up loosing out. Do you have a professional broker ???

    4. Please guys is there any way I can reach Harold Montgomery this sounds so helpful and i would love to win also

  4. Thank for attempting to move past the Terra Luna fiasco and get back on task with Cardano. Never did or never would have invest in Terra Luna when there is a product like Cardano.

  5. These little Cardano alts are really interesting, can you do one on Dana please? I also want to learn more about cNETA.

  6. Seeing the Cardano ecosystem branch out into real life products and services is really exciting.

    1. If you guys read my comment there is positivity there. I believe in the project. I’m an investor in cardano. I am never disrespectful. We should be happy he took the time to reply as we support him watching the channel. The comment box is a place to question your doubts , that’s why he replied. We all know he has a good character. This is not just about coming here to tell he is awesome. Question your doubts and getting involved is what makes the channel grow. God bless you all. 🙏🏽🙏🏽

  7. I hit the like button before the video started. Because I knew it was going to be golden. Great work, like always. God bless this community 🛐

  8. great video
    bro like always been really excited of what cardano is doing….patience and it will all pay off keep up the good work bro

  9. After seeing how Luna was run into the ground by it’s ceo I’m feeling a bit better with my large investment I’ve put in cardano now.

  10. Tbh I don’t see crypto recovering till later this year at the earliest but I’m still buying for whenever it does 🤷‍♂️

  11. “Get Clap, discover fundraising projects.”

    I had a moment of cognitive dissonance when you said that. “Clap” is also a slang for gonorrhea.

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