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Introduction 00:00.
Important tock market context 00:25.
How runs 3:30.
Cardano cost weekly 4:10.
ADA price day-to-day 5:05.
.55 ADA target 6:15.
Cardano cost targets downside 8:00.
Simply zoom out on Cardano chart 12:00.

Cardano has three targets as we start this weekend. These ADA rate targets will are essential to envision since one, if not several will be hit. Watching Cardano needs to refer preparedness, nor predictiveness.

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* Crypto Capital Venture does not guarantee or make any representations or claims to any specific quantity of staking benefits that you will make through delegating your Cardano. Any return that the protocol pays out to you is decided by the protocol. You are not investing your Cardano with Crypto Capital Endeavor. Entrusting to a Crypto Capital Venture stake pool does not involve transferring or lawfully assigning the Cardano or the rights thereof. Crypto Capital Venture merely acts as a validator and supplies community members a method to hand over to the Cardano Protocol consensus system. All staking portion rates and all rules and parameters are decided by the Cardano protocol.

* The above video recommendations a viewpoint and is for /information and home entertainment purposes only. It is not intended to be financial investment suggestions, monetary suggestions, or any solicitation, recommendation, endorsement, or deal that you purchase or sell any cryptocurrency or securities. in cryptocurrencies and securities is a high risk activity including risk of loss so please seek an appropriately certified professional for financial investment or financial suggestions. The info provided on this video must not be used to make any investment or financial choices without consulting your monetary or financial investment advisor. This video includes my opinion just and is not planned to cause damage or disparage anybody or any entity.

Crypto Capital Venture approves tracking market in specific. The basic property of technical analysis videos on Crypto Capital Endeavor is that although rate cost moves extremely in an extremely volatile method, there is much chance in being gotten ready for advantage and disadvantage. We also cover Bitcoin news on this channel as it comes out.

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  1. Thanks for watching!

    Intro 00:00
    Important tock market context 00:25
    How ADA operates 3:30
    Cardano price weekly 4:10
    ADA price daily 5:05
    .55 ADA target 6:15
    Cardano price targets downside 8:00
    Just zoom out on Cardano chart 12:00

  2. I originally got in last year in April -may time frame 1.17 and held through the high and now picking up super cheap . Kind of hope it goes lower 🤑

    1. Same here. Been a good roller coaster ride. Dan helped me stay calm through the lows, and not too excited at the top. Dan is by far the the best TA guy and ADA advocate. Just staked with CCV last night.

    2. I’m in the same boat. If I can get the rest of the year to accumulate Ada under 50 cents, I’m set!

  3. I think a country will step in and buy Bitcoin at $20K and see a rally to $28K – 32K with Cardano hitting .69 (hard fork) before strong brakes are applied. This all will play out before the end of June…

    1. Would be nice but I think it’s likely that we see a sub 15k Bitcoin this cycle. I can’t imagine historic btc trends holding throughout the current environment… more rate hikes… supply chain issues… war to name a few. That said I would love to have some relief. Either way I’ll just continue to buy the dips.

  4. Dan, you should host a CCV Cardano cruise or some kind of party when ADA hits $10! I will buy my ticket! I appreciate the hard work! Thank you

    1. @rashmi gpt Well it has a decent chance of overtaking Ethereum one day so $10 isn’t that inconceivable

    2. @rashmi gpt I didn’t say Ethereum was going away I just said Cardano could overtake it at the very least compete with it. They have the potential of working together if Eth gets their stuff together. The problems blockchain tech is a multi trillion dollar issue and the one that solves it the most efficiently will gain the market share appropriately. For ADA to be at $10 would give it a 340 billion market cap which is reasonable in the next bull run.
      You might just be upset that your eth NFTs are a fraction of what you got them for. Maybe you’re staking eth with and it’s locked up with no end in sight

  5. Charles H. has been invited by House of Reps. to discuss blockchain 23rd June. Best news I’ve heard all year and why isn’t anyone talking about it?

  6. I’ll be completely honest, and with that i truly truly appreciate the technical aspect you bring to your channel Dan, happy to say that managed to spot mini-ascending triangle june 15 as cardano formed a the lower high within that smaller ascending! with that said i wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for you! Great work Dan! god bless you and your family!!

  7. Love ur videos. So relaxing. Last year with the crashes here and there i was shitting my pants. But you keep me calm ❤️

  8. So many negative events from traditional markets to crypto but one of the factors really driving BTC & ETH down is a lot of defi and stable coins having to sell their BTC & ERH reserves to cope with the outflows.
    It’s a temporary situation and if I had cash I would be looking to buy more BTC at 15 to 18k

  9. Your videos make a lot more sense when you put them in the context of the stock market and Bitcoin. Like it or not, all the exchanges base their liquidity on Bitcoin which ties all of the altcoin prices to Bitcoin. So in essence, you have to measure whether Ada is doing better or worse than Bitcoin. Ada’s price would be much higher and not so volaitile if the exchanges based their liquitdity on the dollare or euro. Then every altcoin, including ADA could stand on its own.

  10. Hi Dan, I really like that you are so much talking care of Ada, but about price expect a 0.20-0.25 bottom price so be careful! And when video like this comes out usually comes dump first 🙂

  11. There is one major thing that you youtubers are forgetting. The situation now is very different then in 2018 or earlier. A big recession is coming, things will crash hard. I believe ada will go down toward 0.22 cent or even 0.12-0.15 cents.

  12. If housing markets slow down too much and supply stays high, they might go easy on mortgages again. Would have to be a couple years of slowdown tho

  13. “Little minds are tamed and subdued by misfortune; but great minds rise above it.” –Washington Irving

  14. It’s like watching a house that is on fire and having someone tell you what a great fixer-upper opportunity it will be

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