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price falling on the short-term to a location that ADA holders have waited patiently for. Will the key sign hold?

Introduction 00:00.
ADA cost falls 1:45.
Here is why time has actually arrived for Cardano 4:00.
Rates of interest trek incoming 7:40.
The Cardano dip is prevalent 9:00.
Scenarios to be prepared for 13:30.
If you are still here … 15:00.
The length of time will bearishness last 17:30.
The future of Cardano 20:00.
Cardano simply beginning 21:30.
Cardano native possessions 24:45.

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* Crypto Capital Venture does not guarantee or make any representations or claims to any particular amount of staking benefits that you will make through entrusting your Cardano. Any return that the protocol disburses to you is chosen by the procedure. You are not investing your Cardano with Crypto Capital Venture. Delegating to a Crypto Capital Venture stake pool does not include moving or lawfully assigning the Cardano or the rights thereof. Crypto Capital Endeavor simply functions as a validator and offers neighborhood members a method to delegate to the Cardano Procedure agreement mechanism. All staking percentage rates and all guidelines and parameters are chosen by the Cardano protocol.

* The above video references a viewpoint and is for /information and home entertainment purposes only. It is not meant to be investment guidance, financial advice, or any solicitation, recommendation, endorsement, or offer that you purchase or offer any or securities. Trading in cryptocurrencies and securities is a high risk activity involving risk of loss so please seek a duly licensed professional for financial investment or financial recommendations. The information supplied on this video must not be used to make any financial investment or monetary decisions without consulting your financial or financial investment consultant. This video contains my opinion only and is not intended to trigger harm or disparage anyone or any entity.

Crypto Capital Venture is big on tracking bitcoin market in specific. The basic facility of technical analysis videos on Crypto Capital Venture is that although Bitcoin price rate moves extremely in a really unpredictable method, there is much opportunity in being prepared for upside and drawback. We also cover Bitcoin on this channel as it comes out.

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  1. Thanks for watching!

    Intro 00:00
    ADA price falls 1:45
    Here is why time has arrived for Cardano 4:00
    Interest rates hike incoming 7:40
    The Cardano dip is commonplace 9:00
    Scenarios to be ready for 13:30
    If you are still here… 15:00
    How long will bear market last 17:30
    The future of Cardano 20:00
    Cardano just getting started 21:30
    Cardano native assets 24:45

    1. Thank Dan for your support to Cardano blockchain. I bought ADA from $0.15 to $2.7 and I keep buying ADA to build my property. The price is not my concern. Quality takes time!!!

  2. All I know is I better see y’all at rare bloom, super excited to see the progress all these awesome engineers have made.

  3. Thank you for sharing your insights and optimism for Cardano. I appreciate your content and presentation style. I am a Cardano believer and continue to buy, hold and stake Ada in ccv4. Keep up the good work!

  4. Thanks for the great video and positive perspective. Yes, please, I would love to see analysis on the different dex governance tokens (min, milk, wrt, meow, milky, etc…). Would love to see an analysis on meld, wmt, and others. Also would love to hear your thoughts on milkomeda on the many dexes on there (milkyswap and muesliswap).

  5. I’ve been here for a long time and I’ll still be here when we boom and then fall again and boom and I’ll keep accumulating in these dips and will be smiling in the future whenever it comes no hurry

  6. Please, cardano native assets tracking would be awesome. It would also really help set you aside from everyone else in the bull run

  7. would def love to see some TA on cardano native coins, although I feel that would be difficult without much history on most of them. Nonetheless always enjoy hearing your thoughts on these things

  8. I’m interested in both the Native Asset TA Rundown and in your recruiting business. In the Bear I think we can build with more knowledge as well get bargain basement prices

  9. Thank you for continuing to provide quality content. I am a very risk adverse investor as I tend to be overly cautious, especially in crypto. However, my friend who introduced me to ADA in February of 2021, has encouraged the concept of willingness to take on risk when others operate in fear. Keeping up with your data tracking has provided insight and awareness into my investing habits. Just want to say thanks again!

  10. TA for native Cardano asserts?
    BIG YES.

    I’m super bullish on Cardano as an ecosystem and would love to find some ideal entry points for these blue chip Cardano projects (WMT, MELD, MALADEX once it releases, etc etc)

    Would be very interested in that content.

  11. The price action of ADA isn’t exciting, but all the work moving forward on the Cardano project certainly is. It’s going to pay off, and everyone who can keep skin in the game is going to benefit. I’ve been invested in ADA since January 2018, accumulated through the 2018-2020 bear market, and have been accumulating via staking since the beginning of January 2021. The best is still ahead of us.

  12. I don’t expect ada to have a huge price pump immoderately but for a long run this asset is perfect. I’ve been holding it on finex for months and I think I’ll keep doing it

  13. Appreciate your live streams as an Aussie who watches your stream playback a few hours later and assessing what you talk about take effect a few hours later

  14. Yes please 😉 Id love to hear you talk about some native cardano assets. The majority of your audience is into Cardano id think and therefore it is really easy for them to get hold of native assets since they can use the same infastructure as they/we use to interact with our ADA.✌🏻

  15. Cardano’s price is going to drop much further as the severity of this bear market becomes more apparent. Eventually, Cardano’s price will skyrocket as cash moves out of debt securities and into commodities, PMs, and Crypto. The stock market, though, is going to crash 90+ percent.

  16. Always here with u man,you are one of the best on youtube!! Thanks for all you do for us,come on Cardano🚀

  17. Keep it up Dan, good work. God bless brother. Love this Community, hope everyone is doing great today.

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