Cardano Vasil Hard Fork ‘INITIATED’ As Trillions Get Ready To Enter Crypto!

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Genuis X ISPO Video –

Introduction 00:00
Vasil Upgrade 'prepared for takeoff' 1:30
GeniusX 4:00
ADA is all set as trillions preparing to get in crypto 6:10

Cardano Vasil Rocket –

Trillions all set to enter crypto –

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* The above video referrals a viewpoint and is for /information and home entertainment purposes only. It is not planned to be investment recommendations, financial guidance, or any solicitation, recommendation, endorsement, or deal that you buy or sell any or securities. Trading in cryptocurrencies and securities is a high threat activity including danger of loss so please seek an appropriately licensed professional for financial investment or financial suggestions. The information provided on this video should not be utilized to make any investment or monetary choices without consulting your monetary or financial investment advisor. This video includes my viewpoint just and is not planned to cause damage or defame anybody or any entity.

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Cardano Vasil Hard Fork 'INITIATED' As Trillions Get Ready To Enter Crypto!

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  1. Thanks for watching!

    Intro 00:00
    Cardano Vasil Upgrade ‘ready for takeoff’ 1:30
    GeniusX 4:00
    ADA is ready as trillions getting ready to enter crypto 6:10

    1. Tomorrow cardano ada will go to 600USD, all tehse dapps and utility will crush market. Dish, Africa, loan programs that are built on cardano are ready to burst now!

  2. Second question: could you talk in the next video about the great reset incoming and how we could act to preserve our welth?

    1. @Paolo Falcone you mean you aren’t doing that right now? My guy serious forces are at work to wipe out a large portion of humanity. Time to get in the arena

  3. Hi Dan! I’ve been following you for a long while, and the amazing improvements you’ve made to your channel, and your knowledge about crypto, BTC, Cardano is impressive and inspiring! Great work, keep it up. Maybe you remember I’ve been commenting on your lighting and studio setup before. I must say, you’re nailing it for some time now! And these new edits are sexy! Great work man. Thanks for your effort and care.

  4. I wish I had started buying ada earlier. Among the assets I hold on bfx this year, this is one of my fav ones.. I do hope that it will turn out to be a profit source

    1. @Shill_Eliminator behind what schedule? im being serious, did ADA miss a deadline? ive been hearing about ethereum 2.0 for a year now and finally it happened, kept getting pushed off.

  5. Bad banking strategy investing in Btc… gonna really put a dark stain on their public sustainability (if they have any) goals and may have some negative PR in suit. Banks are really really slow catching up to 3rd gen efficient tech. Anyway, I’m not Fidelity and so I do not have to explain such choices.

  6. We all know deep inside that it won’t move anything. Ethereum also had their biggest update, going to POS. and nothing happened. We in a bear so sadly nothing will move

  7. ADA has recently become the number one investment for me after Bitcoin and is also quite affordable. I was able to afford to buy exactly a lot of this cryptocurrency, while spending not so much usdt.

  8. I’m going to buy a good amount of cardano, not just Bitcoin, when the market hits final capitulations over the coming months.

  9. Dan first off thanks for the regular insight into ADA it has been good content, there is a lot of info on how the Vasil HF will affect ADA, but, what about the native assets on Cardano? Seems to me that more coverage of these native assets would have a positive impact on the overall Cardano ecosystem and there really is not a lot of content on these, you have expanded your coverage of the larger crypto coins and this is good as these have an impact on the overall market and ADA, but, wouldn’t giving better insight into native projects help ADA grow faster? Maybe a segment within each ADA video that spotlights the top 10 native assets, the newest assets to go live, best real-world applications, most creative projects, upcoming DEX’s, ect..

  10. All the ADA float ie 11b tokens , would cost $5b , it could seriously happen within a few years. Long ADA and staking !

  11. The Reason why I always like all your vedio bcuz of your fundamental analysis
    So Convincing that why hold for the future
    God bless

  12. The Reason why I always like all your vedio bcuz of your fundamental analysis
    So Convincing that why hold for the future
    God bless

  13. Great video! I really like what Genius Yield and GeniusX are doing. I agree with you, Dan – definitely one of the coolest projects in the Cardano ecosystem!

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