Cardano Volatility Awaits! (ADA Price Embarks On Wild Ride)

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* The above video recommendations an opinion and is for news/information and entertainment purposes just. It is not planned to be investment suggestions, monetary recommendations, or any solicitation, suggestion, recommendation, or offer that you purchase or sell any cryptocurrency or securities. in cryptocurrencies and securities is a high danger activity involving danger of loss so please look for a duly licensed expert for investment or monetary guidance. The details provided on this video ought to not be used to make any financial investment or monetary decisions without consulting your monetary or investment consultant. This video contains my viewpoint only and is not meant to cause damage or defame anyone or any entity.

Crypto Capital Endeavor is big on tracking bitcoin market in particular. The general property of technical analysis videos on Crypto Capital Venture is that although Bitcoin rate moves extremely in a very unpredictable method, there is much opportunity in being gotten ready for upside and downside. We also cover Bitcoin news on this channel as it comes out.

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Cardano Volatility Awaits! (ADA Price Embarks On Wild Ride)

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    1. It would be great if you could explain some characteristics regarding Djed and the diferentes between Djed and UST. Thanks for all the info you share with us during this long term trip with ADA!!

    2. Is there a date set in stone for djed?
      Wont this be a massive catalyst for ada just like ust was good for luna

  1. you could cover ADA’s role in the djed stable coin and how it is different than other algo stable coins

    1. @Minnesnowda it is still in testnet and it didn’t depeg from what I understand

    2. @Minnesnowda I’m talking about the djed stable coin that will be running on cardano what are you talking about lol

    3. @I’d rather be fishing. Keep talking about the “revolutionary” things Cardano has to offer and upcoming launches that is “bound” to increase it’s value. I been listening to this guy for years. He offers technical advice but is a borderline Cardano cultist WHO ALREADY HAS MONEY. Go praise Elon while your at it…

    4. @Dan C oh man you’re right! I have read thousands of haters comments but your comment is completely original and quite convincing 🤣 thank you for the input

  2. Love the idea! I’m kind of new to Crypto, I received as a gift Bitcoin from my 84 yr old father (yes 84) earlier this year. Since then, I’ve been really looking at it with fresh eyes! Love your channel!

    1. Wow! Your dad’s something else lol especially at that age, not many at that age can appreciate new tech

  3. As always great info and you help me to stay calm and look at the big picture. Btw what about naming it Cardano 101?

  4. ADA has been the most stable blockchain of every last one of them which has been mentioned for the last year and a half, especially against SOL and LUNA. ADA maybe a tortoise as compared to a hare, but thank God it is. It’s not going out of business like others.

  5. I am Sorry Dan , there is no upside at the moment. The Fed needs to withdraw trillions out of the economy, it plans to do this quickly by trashing the markets and destroying that wealth. The consolation is that 90% of market investors are wealthy and they will feel the pain. This is not the case in crypto… only pain on the horizon ….

  6. Iam thinking long term so accumulating at this prices is the way to go. You are correct markets will recover eventually.

  7. I love ADA and I hope your right But, I think with everything going on with the war, the lack of the dollar cost, the debt and don’t forget the inflation Big Blue Cardano might be going down if it does go down. Even better more people can grow with it and learn the benefits of being in Cardano and others can invest into it. Either way it’s a win win depending how you see it. Stay blessed !

  8. Win if it goes up, win if it goes down. Never knew I’d see a day an asset does that for me lol.

  9. Hey just wanted to say thank you, great videos. I started staking with crypto capital and love that i receive higher rewards than other staking pools.

  10. I’d be keen to see some regular content covering what Cardano is developing. Thanks.

  11. I remember when you told us to “accumulate” at 1.50 because “accumulators are accumulating”. It doesn’t matter if it goes to 75 cents. It could be only a relief rally. Everything is going down and altcoins usually dump 90% or more in bear market. 90% is around 30 cents. I like your channel and I love ADA but I don’t think you were bearish enough. If I’d listened to you, I wouldn’t have had enough money to buy really low prices at 40 cents and lower. Sorry for my English.

    1. He makes a point of saying in every video that he isn’t giving you financial advice… Not sure why you or anyone for that matter would buy something because someone else told you to unless they were a professional financial advisor giving specific advice to you. You should only use these videos as a tool to guide your decisions on (in my opinion) macro trades. No one, not even Dan, knows where the market is going. The best tools we have are historical data which can help us prepare for the future. Also, time in the market > timing the market 🙂

    2. @qwerty I didn’t listen to him, good for me. It is not the point if he gives advice or not. The thing is that if gave the advice, it wouldn’t have been bearish enough.

    3. @Dave Rich yes but he never said that it was his primary target. He talked 80% of the time about reversal and accumulation.

  12. Another review of COTI/DJED would be awesome! Keep up the great work, love your videos 😊

  13. It hurts that we’re talking about super bullish movement at around 70-80c when we were @ $3 not that long ago.
    I guess we all missed the top last bull run and time to accumulate for 2025.
    I ain’t going nowhere!! $ADA 🚀

  14. How can local lows and highs, which are anomalies in a sense, form the foundation of long-term predictions?

  15. I would appreciate a video explaining what gives ADA value aside from what gives Cardano value

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