Cardano WILL BE #1 in ALL of Crypto (ADA Beats ETH)

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WILL BE #1 in ALL of Crypto (ADA Beats ETH)

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    1. @HUMAN FROM EARTH really man? How do you know that, have you made any kind of research and compared? Please stop saying stupid stuff just because you happened to invest in something some youtuber promised. Research and stop lying to yourself.

  1. About time… This is obvious to anyone who actually has researched Cardano vs Ethereum beyond profits. That’s why haters wanna hate.

  2. I tend to agree with you, Ben. People say that Ada won’t reach x amount because of tokenomics. I personally can’t see how it WONT reach those high levels

  3. Well greyscale agrees with you as their top layer 1 eth killer ETF thing has ADA at their top at 38%. As for my belief I see ETH as Microsoft and ADA as Apple. Micro won the early days of tech boom. Then apple taken over after years. Both are solid and can’t go wrong with both.

    1. I think XRP will be #1 due to its ISO 2022 use case and the banking sector particularly in Europe and Asia have already tested it and are ready to go, also the bankers want to make xrp and xlm stable coins.
      That asside Cardano fundimentals like you say are better than etherium right now. I hope that equals a market leader but thats not always the case.

    2. ADA has a careful approach, which is great – also the DEV for ADA has been fairly slow, though yes, it appears ETH 2.0 will also take much longer than initially thought/planned.

      ADA could catch up, though SOL, IF they can get their network consistently stable and out of “beta” – then maybe SOL has a shot and who knows, maybe Theta (Theta/Theta) is the dark horse here?

      IF ETH 2.0 fumbles any major updates or has serious or additional significant delays – yeah, I could see ADA taking over.

      XRP bigger than either? … it could go bonkers, which is why I still have some, though I am not really expecting XRP to go past $3 to $20USD.. It would be great if it does go to the magic $538 or $10,000USD. We will even have US Dollars at that point?

    3. @Bat Pangolin🔧 — damn, boy – do not hold back, tell us how you really feel!

      Apple was and is a great company and a great technology company – yet nobody is perfect, not even Apple. Cardano/ADA dev is slow – and say it would be like the a founder of Apple (or a founder of ETH) going off and creating a “better” idea/firm/technology – maybe like when Steve Jobs left Apple, started NeXT and bought Pixar…

      Not saying Charles is Steve Jobs, though who knows… ADA, ETH and maybe even SOL have a big future.

      The dark horse could be Theta… time will show.

  4. Straight facts. I feel like no one but Cardano holders can admit this. It’s the only reason I’ve kept a big bag of ADA. Believe me, I’ve wanted to sell plenty of times

    1. While i do believe ADA has the potential to grow past ETH i find it difficult to identify if/when it can overcome SOL (assuming we re not just looking at market caps)

    2. @Ana Seixas Many don’t consider SOL a threat to ETH bcuz it’s still in beta, has no clear road map as to when it’ll come out, it’s blockchain security is questionable due to the fact that they suffer 24 hr outages and DDoS attacks & its very centralized

  5. Excellent video. Yes, I happen to agree and saw this very issue, along with others, almost 2 years ago. Cardano is building with the future in mind while Ethereum was building for the time.
    I like to use a the following example:
    Ethereum built a WW2 battleship because they knew how it could be done. They set sail and boarded many many passengers. They realized they needed to make changes and improvements. It is difficult to convert a WW2 Battleship into a modern day Arleigh Burke Destroyer, especially with passengers and out to sea.
    Cardano decided to design and build their ship at dry dock. The design included the ability to make improvements at sea and with passengers.
    One is best suited for the future with its adaptability, functionality, and sustainability.

    1. The problem with this analogy is that this is a continuous process that keeps happening. As more ships set sail, even more are being designed and built on the dock. Newer blockchains are always better, seemingly. And yet, older blockchains have incredible network effects that keep them afloat. So do we like Cardano because it is simply the best of both worlds?

    1. every member of the original ETH team seems to have a different take on Charles. Dont have tunnelvision, study all viewpoints. ADA started out as a Japanese gambling token…

  6. 🇺🇸 Ben. I couldn’t agree more. Cardano checks all the boxes when it comes to long term projects. Projects that will STILL be around in 10 years displaying superior performance. Cardano STANDS OUT!!!!

  7. I think regulation helps Cardano more than any other crypto asset. When regulators and hedge fund managers understand how to use the kmz side chain it will explode.

  8. Gonna have to vouch here for XRP, it WILL control ALL THE MONEY and will be #1. Few seem to understand this, and yet, if you look at Ripple, and how they operate, it is very clear they are, and have been building their tech, and their position in the industry for YEARS.

  9. I would normally think bit boy just got a big juicy check for this video but I know cardano doesn’t do or pay for advertising. So I think Ben speaks the truth on this one

  10. All the indicators that I have seen shows Cardano is built to stand the test of time, Ethereum is trying to run with them but the design decisions made early on are stifling progression so I have to agree with you Ben.

  11. This year ETH has gone to PoS, in technical terms becoming what Cardano was last year, and it’s thus way technically inferior to what Cardano is this year. This gap will only widen as Cardano has a very aggressive roadmap for the next 2 years and they usually ship on time. If the next bullrun happens in 2023/2024 people will feel how slow and expensive ETH is and look to suitable alternatives. And Cardano will be there.

    1. Not to mention their pos is trash compared to Cardano. Imagine your bank telling you that your money is locked. Also what average human can afford 32 Eth?

  12. Ada Army here. Thanks for coming to see the businesses and the people behind them in the cardano network this weekend. I’m happy to see your confidence and understanding of our mission and our goals.

  13. Besides the peer review papers, the tech and community a big deal about cardano to me is their foresight to work alongside government to create clarity for crypto.

    1. This is probably a paid ada channel lol. Guys here probably havent dived into hashgraph technology ( Hedera)
      Traditional blockchain like ada and eth is old tech.
      Businesses wont use them after regulations. They need a distributed ledger( public and private) which has predictable fees, which is carbon neutral, is fast and has the highest grade of security. Hedera offers this all. Is even carbon negative by itself already.

  14. Got into crypto in 2020. I did a ton of research before I bought anything and I wound up choosing ADA based off the Tech, Research and the very civilized Reddit community. I think Cardano can be #1 a lot sooner than people think.

  15. Yes cardano is building a useable chain that will attract people and builders over time. Ethereum attracted people early to an unscalable chain. The path forward is much easier for cardano. “If you build it; they will come”

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