Charles Hoskinson FIRES SHOTS At Ethereum (Cardano Founder LIVID)

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Paul Puey:

Moonin Papa

Scott Herman:

Dr. Adam Lowe:

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00:00 Intro
01:02 The Panel
02:11 Jae Kwon Proposed a Fork, ATOMOne
03:26 Communications and X's Poisonous Culture
05:49 Ideas on the ATOM Community
08:00 Always Be On Brand name
09:20 Factors to Hold ATOM
11:00 Terra Luna Pumps
13:34 Leave the 2020-2021 State of mind
15:44 Stablecoin Yield
17:10 Ideas on Terra Luna
19:00 Charles Hoskinson Knocks ETH's Staking Overhaul Strategies
20:00 Dr. Adam Lowe ELI5 Account Design VS UTXO Design
21:15 Ethereum on Its Upgrades
24:40 Is Charles Hoskinson Biased Versus ETH?
26:10 Should Vitalik Buterin Respond to Charles Hoskinson?
28:33 ETH or ADA for 1 Year?

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Charles Hoskinson FIRES SHOTS At Ethereum (Cardano Founder LIVID)

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  1. eth way better lol. eth has more devolpers then all the top alts combined. on top of that eth has accomplished way more.

    1. @Allowit228 If you’d rather use a sketchy chain with $200 gas fees for a maximum 6x in that time frame. Cardano will do a 15x in that time frame

    2. Agreed. After using that crisp and cheap Cardano ecosystem, going back to ETH feels dirty. Also too expensive and centralized.

  2. Eth’s ecosystem has grown like crazy since last bull run! I feel like they’re ahead growth wise from doing lots of searching around but they really need to get their transaction fees fixed or people will think they’re just getting ahead of themselves I do believe cardano has more upside potential and I feel like they understand slow and steady wins the race but for some people they do need to see More marketing and partnerships with cardano but they sure enjoy delaying to drop the bomb until last minute which creates the WOW factor! So im sticking with cardano

  3. This bull run will be the single most important moment for ADA to bring more adoption. Holding it because of the massive potential but if it doesn’t perform I am not married to any crypto.

  4. Cardano will outperform eth 3x 2025 eth is like the titanic best thing you ever seen at its time but arnt you glad you didn’t jump aboard now 😉

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