Charles Hoskinson on Cardano being a security 👀 #crypto #cardano #bitcoin #cryptonews

Charles Hoskinson speaks out about being identified a security.

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Charles Hoskinson on being a security 👀 # #cardano # #cryptonews

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  1. Yes, we already missed the deadline for those coins, but thankfully there are still some options, including Block Sailor BLOCK.

  2. Block Sailor BLOCK is the first token that governs itself and not owners or other people, making it the smartest token in the world.

  3. Yes, we have already missed the deadline for those coins, but fortunately, we still have some possibilities, such Block Sailor BLOCK.

  4. Block Sailor BLOCK, the first token that is controlled by itself instead of owners or anybody else, is the smartest token in the world.

  5. Yes, we are already over the deadline for those currencies, but fortunately, there are still some options available, such as Block Sailor.

  6. Difference is, these alts have big premines, foundations, teams leading development

    Proof of stake is worse with the premine too

  7. Nobody likes to hear the truth. Instead we just live in our own bubbles. Don’t marry any asset and keep your eyes and ears open.

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