China Will Take Everyone Down With Them

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China's economy is slowly crumbling under its own weight, and this could spell bad for the rest of the world. In this video I take you through how China got here, going over their shady history with loans, banking and real estate that will cause ripples across the global financial sector.

0:00 Intro
1:15 The Great Migration
2:11 GDP Increase
4:57 Real Estate & The Rise of Evergrande
6:25 Bubble Forming
9:54 Bubble Pops

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China Will Take Everyone Down With Them

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  1. Congrats for the video. I love this format better than the rest you guys do. Great info, short video, a great presenter.

    One of your best videos ever. Congrats Ben!

  2. One of the best videos you have ever made. Very informative without any promotional vibes attached. Thanks for the macro update!

  3. Wonder when will you talk a out loans to the Ukraine 🇺🇦. Hope its not as bad as Asian too good to be true loans

  4. China always acts in its own way, but this does not mean that everyone should do the same. As long as I have the opportunity, I do not plan to refuse to buy cryptocurrencies on Bitfinex, and then I will make decisions depending on the situation.

  5. Great video and the research in it is accurate and deep. I’m often critical towards the lack of knowledge when it comes to economics in this channel but this is very well researched and well done

  6. more content like this PLZ Ben !! This was eye opening to me as a 21 year old & more people need to be made aware!

  7. I always thought “Wow, how can china have such economic performance”?
    But then I read that almost 80% of Chinese earn less than $150 a month, so the question was answered.

    To me, that’s a bit like slave labor in the southern states of the last century.
    Sure, if you have a company and all your employees work for $150 a month then you are competitive and can make a lot of money.

    But that only works as long as people play along. When they eventually come out of socialism and demand human rights, job security and higher wages, then things look different.

  8. Ben,
    Check out the Economic Ninja, hes been talking about the Chinese real estate collapse for months!
    I watch everything you and him produce.

  9. Ben, I have a question. How can we call other Countries manipulators when we are the main manipulator. Petro Dollar? Massive currency printing. Just curious, and thank you for the great content you provide.

    1. Agree with what Dr.GreenThumb said. Unfortunately, these days you need to be more pro-government to avoid censorship on YouTube and other platforms. So Ben neutrally said “we know about our own problems” when referring to America and went on to hammer China. 🔨 so indeed more research is required and opinions from non-western countries are required to bring about objective view of the problems of the world. Still, for Ben subscriber’s it is a great video as it shed light on economic side of crypto and fundamentals that impact market. Most of the crypto investors are young and have no clue about economy and the impact on crypto. I personally like reading translated foreighn newspapers articles to get an opinion from different point of view as the world is not all black and white.

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