COINBASE Employee ARRESTED!! (What Does Tesla’s BITCOIN DUMP Mean For CRYPTO?)

In your nightly wrap-up, we bring you the top crypto stories. The market reacts to Tesla selling 75% of their , The European Central Bank follows America’s hawkish approach to restore value in the Euro and a Coinbase product manager gets locked up for insider trading.

What We Discuss:
0:00 Intro
0:20 Tesla Clip
1:14 Tesla Sells Its
2:45 Market Watch with Frankie Candles
3:54 The E.U. Hikes Interest Rates
4:56 Coinbase Insider Trader Arrested

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COINBASE Employee ARRESTED!! (What Does Tesla's BITCOIN DUMP Mean For CRYPTO?)

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  1. Kadena (KDA) got listed on BinanceUS 💯 yesterday. I wish i had a cousin who could tip me before these new listings,.. but I’m sure Coinbase will also list KDA soon anyway

    1. @XrpAndy ok they use a clickbait title that’s separate from the information that’s actually in the video. What YouTuber doesn’t want to attract views?

    2. Really, you’re making an assumption about the title, it just says “coinbase employee” whether former or current… You made that determination

    3. @Just1MoreJonJr your the one making assumptions bud. “ coinbase employee” that means an employee for coin base. Not former. Not was. But is an employee. That’s what the title reads.

  2. Being a $TSLA BULL since 2013 I under balance sheets of corporations and the selling of $BTC doesn’t affect FCC (Free Cash Flow) so it’s a NOTHING BURGER!

  3. Elon picks the perfect time to sell just when we were green, 2021 with his stupid tweet, “Tesla would no longer accept BTC”🤦‍♂️

  4. Crypto Legions – Strong 2300% Growth in 23 Days. P2E game as passive income during bearmarket 🚀

  5. Seriously, what happened to the bear flag? what about every youtuber saying “I expect things to go lower”…. whatever

  6. Crypto isn’t going away. We’re here seeing a bottom right now. A few months sideways, then up. End of year, all time highs!

    1. There is a LOT of debt in crypto via margin, as we fall more and more will be liquidated forcing the price downward more and more. I had 20k in crypto at the peak…now my same holdings are at 3.5k . If the dip gets dipper it will be a sell off and focus on other investmnt sectors

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