Colossal Moment In History! (Raoul Pal Talks XRP Settlement, ETH Merge & Bitcoin ETF)

In part two of today’s exclusive interview, Ben sits down with Raoul Pal, renowned philanthropist, entrepreneur, and founder of Real Vision. They discuss the latest happenings in the landscape including the latest cryptocurrency and updates. Raoul shares his views on the lawsuit between XRP and the SEC. He also discusses the possibility of ETFs and what would happen to the price of BTC if more are approved.

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Colossal Moment In History! (Raoul Pal Talks XRP Settlement, ETH Merge & ETF)

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  1. This is best interview I have watched between two knowledgeable people in this space! Congrats Ben and the Bitboy team well done and appreciate the content.

    1. Yeah was looking into Filecoin after this. But the fully diluted market cap is 10x from here. Maybe just stick to my Arweave bags

  2. Really like the channel but you’re doing a disservice to yourself and your subscribers by click baiting XRP then not even mentioning it. XRP army is here and we come to get new info only to be tricked into listening to a whole video with no mention of XRP.

    1. Not good at all, Ben. You need to dive a bit deeper into your channel stats and drive content in a proactive way vs reactive (BTC vs XRP).. click baiting in titles for viewers is the fastest tried and true path to losing subs, down likes and less viewers. Tread carefully with the XRP crowd, there are still clouds hanging low over your head from your Q3/Q4 2021 XRP case settlement calls

  3. I hope current hardware wallets are okay and not compromised or a rug pull by big players bc they can’t have any individuals w any freedom

  4. Using devices such as Tesla’s and refrigerators is not a real solution to the storage issue. That model would still require an exponentially increasing supply of hardware, which is not feasible. The truth is it will be impossible for anything too data heavy to run on a blockchain. Only certain underlying pieces of any system need to be decentralized. Things like buildings and friends lists can all run on centralized solutions.

  5. Fantastic interview with Raoul. Love that guy especially his transition into crypto and how he did it openly. Unlike Mr.Wonderful/Mark Cuban who were lie through their teeth for self gain. Still love all of them but Raoul is by far the best for the people

  6. I have been holding AMD and Nvidia for a long time so unless they hit 52 week lows I’m just holding through these dips. If they hit 52 week lows I’ll add shares

  7. Bitboy you really need to have Hugo P CEO of FlareNetworks on your show.
    He is the man of interoperability in the crypto space.

  8. Really good interview 👏
    That gave me a good idea in how many ways crypro/blockchain technology can be used and be profitable for everyone.

  9. For all of the hot air Raul Paul spouts… has anything he’s said ever actually come true?! No. How can someone who claims to speak to so many industry insiders, consistently get things so wrong?

  10. Ethereum is in second place in my BFX portfolio and I’m still waiting for the price to rise to $10k.

  11. Theta Network have it all, Edge Cache ( Bandwidth), Edge Storage ( Storage ),Edge Compute ( transcoding and incoding ) and Metachain ( any Entertainment companies can create own ecosystem using sub-chain), off chain micropayment feature ( can reach 1M TPS and way cheaper ) and it is EVM compatible since it is using the same algo as ETH.

  12. You guys make a lot of good points and i appreciate the positive framing of the crypto world but as a tech enthusiast, i’ve seen so many tech and startups that failed and/or went nowhere.

    For example, Google Stadia promotions said that our ISPs would be incentivized to upgrade and make sure everyone will have a decent experience but look at what happened to Google Stadia. And speaking of the tech giant Google, so many of their projects failed or get abandoned, so i wish you guys would touch on these matters and let us know how you feel about the bad side of history. Or at least why it’s gonna be different this time with WEB3.0 and NFTs.

  13. Raoul Pal is the smartest mind in crypto and macro economics. Thanks for bringing him in, Ben.

  14. THETA is Solving the bandwidth problem that we have globally. Also with their 7 patents( and counting ) they have the market cornered 👊💯🚀

  15. Ben, Theta is a one stop shop for every concern u have about bandwidth, storage, etc etc… i think its s good time for you and the team to dive deep into theta because so much has happened and is coming for this ecosystem its absolutely mind blowing.

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