Crypto 101: The Ultimate Guide to Making Sense of Bitcoin, Ethereum & Cryptocurrency.

In this Crypto 101 video Ben explains what crypto is, how blockchain works, safety and security issues you should know about, he breaks down different types of crypto assets including , , and and explains his rules of investing in crypto.

Time stamps:
0:00 Intro
0:36 What currency is?
2:14 Why there are so many cryptocurrencies?
4:24 How blockchain started
5:22 Is crypto safe?
6:33 What is blockchain?
8:38 Why crypto is valuable?
9:45 Different types of crypto
11:24 Types of
12:35 What is DeFi?
13:02 What is crypto wallet?
13:29 Why crypto is so volatile?
14:52 What should I buy?


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Crypto 101: The Ultimate Guide to Making Sense of Bitcoin, Ethereum & Cryptocurrency.

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  1. This is well organized info for a beginner to understand. I will share it with folks who are new to the space. Nice work 👌🏽

  2. Excellent job and well explained. In order to get crypto to move forward, we must explain this to all who are still on the sidelines. The future is cryptocurrency and adoption is happening faster then ever before. To those who were in the very beginning, congratulations, and most of us missed that train. Now, we are getting another chance, but we need to start setting up before it’s too late. Get ready everyone and regular paper money is going out the door. More and more countries are getting in before the rest of the world does. Gooooo cryptocurrency

  3. Great video My man!! Thank you!! I’ll continue to follow you and spread the word if you continue to put out Gems like this, crypto is very very challenging to understand the full scope for your avg Joe like myself, these videos allow me to grab the concept a little better

  4. “Cardano: The Essential Guide” is the best of the beginners guides to Cardano. Worth a read if you’re new to the space and doing your due diligence.

  5. Thanks for this, it was the right video at the right time. Just as my confidence was shaken I was reminded why And what I invested in.

    Get rich or die hodling!!!!🚀

  6. Nice video! Although, isn’t mining about inputing random numbers withing a range then the winner gets to mine the block and not about “solving complex math problems”? and I believe BTC won’t actually ever hit 21 million it will always be just under, aside that so many are lost due to ppl losing seed phrases and such

  7. Thanks Ben. I bought $500 in cardano yesterday. Probably will buy more in another month. I see the big picture. Bitcoin cold storage is revolutionary for humanity.

  8. Massive respect for you looking to educate in a bear market verses either ghosting till the bulls are back or continually putting up overly bearish click bait titles. Building is done in the bear market so is the learning. Thanks mate

  9. Another highly informative and educational video for all. Love the channel and content and shout out to the entire team, it definitely takes a village to produce consistently great content. Any chance you could get Katie Stockton on the show to share her TA analysis?

  10. My “A Ha” moment was when I heard Mr. Wonderful describing in detail how the collectible watch industry could be changed by issuing NFTs with every watch for tracking/verification of ownership of the rare watches… then I started to realize NFTs/blockchains have real world application… the more I dug, then more I understood that the capabilities for this new technology/software are limitless and have the potential to revolutionize every industry in the world from finance to medical records, insurance, gaming, etc… Now, I’m a believer!

  11. The tough thing about the bear market is knowing that at least 2 of the top 20 coins going into bear market… won’t exist by then end of it… you just have to hope there not the ones your in… alt coins are risky…

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