Crypto Adoption & Development is on Fire! 🔥😎 (Is the Bottom In? 🤔📉) #CryptoThisWeek 📆

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Hello, fam! Crypto Casey, here 👋 and I'm on a mission to improve people’s lives through #crypto education. In this important video we explore all of the amazing bullish and development stories from the week, as well as a few bearish events. Let’s jump in!

CHAPTERS 💬 (Watch to the end!)

00:00 – Intro
00:50 – Bearish for Market
01:36 – What is a Wage-Price Spiral?
02:18 – Every US Crypto Exchange is Being Investigated
03:13 – Solana Hack Drains Millions from Wallets
04:12 – Get a Hardware Wallet YESTERDAY
04:45 – Protect Your Crypto & Data with NordVPN
05:45 – More People Want to be Paid with Crypto
06:15 – BlackRock & Coinbase Deal
07:05 – Gaming Claimed 60% of Blockchain Activity
08:00 – Gaming Projects Getting VC Funding
08:48 – Starbucks is Going Web3
09:24 – Gucci is Growing More in Crypto Space
10:14 – Meta Enables Integration
10:55 – Catholic Church Starts Accepting Crypto
11:23 – Web3 Tool Simplification Project Gets Funding
11:47 – More Crypto Funds Raise Capital
12:12 – More Aggressive Crypto Company Advertising Pushes
12:35 – Conclusion


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—Crypto Casey

& Development is on Fire! 🔥😎 (Is the Bottom In? 🤔📉) #CryptoThisWeek 📆

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    1. Smart. September to November for myself. CEO’s are fearful for what 2023 will have in store. Were not in a recession just yet because of the recent job growth. The Fed is going to want to decrease jobs and increase unemployment. I think to as high as 5%. 3.5% unemployment is just to low and works against the Fed’s plan. Wall Street right now is just betting against the Fed, which is not what you want to do as a retail investor. Maybe they can get away with it because they can just exit the markets make some money and cause further harm to us, the average tax payer, in the long run.

  1. Casey, could you please create a video on what the outcome of the G20 summit on cryptocurrency regulation might be. The Indian government imposes a huge 30% tax on cryptocurrency profits without allowing investors to offset their losses. Plus, they impose TDS on each purchase and sale along with a 1% GST. In contrast, Iran only charges 0.1% tax on profits earned through cryptocurrencies.

  2. Good morning to you my Sister, I’ve been a subscriber for a while now, however, never left a comment before, the segment about the sec hating on crypto is to be expected, slaves allowed to go free would mean that master might actually have to work for a living, instead of regulating people that do!, we should create our own regulatory committee after all, who would know better how to do this than the creators, it’s like first you have to teach the regulators about the technology and then you let them be in charge, doesn’t make sense to me, instead of waiting for more regulation before attracting investors, how about the approach, “if you build it they will come “, otherwise we’re expecting an entity driven by control, to give up their control, not going to happen.

    1. @Crypto Casey you’re very welcome, I’ve been trying to understand crypto and the entirety of it all, you’ve been instrumental, if not monumental for me in that regard, so now, not knowing much I tend to just observe and listen and with the spirit of, “you can learn a lot from a dummy”, in mind, I kinda glanced over the BTC white paper and what stuck out most to me was not only the purpose for it’s creation, but it being an alternative “currency “, not property, or an investment!, but currency controlled by the people themselves, it’s to replace fiat not you buy low and sell high, how many people who go to bed with a $20.00 dollar bill in their possession, wake up expecting for it to be a fifty, and are actually disappointed that it’s not, in my stupidity, I thought you bought BTC at one to one with your fiat and now you’re in control, by letting the sec treat BTC like property, is a big, huge mistake, hence the capital gains tax when you sell, in reality, you never should sell your BTC back into slavery as dollars!, thanks to you again my Sister!

  3. Thanks for yet more incredible content Casey.

    I’ve been a fan for a few months now,
    I like how you speak about it all so clear,
    love the soft music, lighting,
    it makes for a nice relaxing experience,
    keep em coming

    P.s The BlackRock news is super bullish , probably the best this year, I think the investment gains tsunami 🌊 is coming! 🙌💎

  4. Because of your report on Celsius a bit ago, I pulled my cash out of Voyager. Thank you!! Your content is awesome. 👊

  5. what happens when the ledger company goes out of business?
    How are you going to be able to acess the bridge then?

    1. Watch my video explaining how crypto wallets work. It wouldn’t matter if Ledger went out of business

  6. Always a pleasure to see new Casey content. Thanks for continuing to support this and contribute so much value.
    Personally I’m very appreciative 😎

  7. ⭐⛰ NordVPN ►
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    …click “Read More” 👇 for more resources!! 💥

    Hello, fam! 👋 In this important video, we discuss global news stories from the week affecting the crypto markets! —Crypto Casey

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    ❤ Be safe out there.

  8. Thanks for the heads up Casey, I’m still adopting to DCA and I’ve added a lot more positions last week.
    Looks like I’ll be adding $WMT to my longterm stack credit to its utilities and it’s
    partnership with FulhamFC which also opted to hold WMT token in the FulhamFC treasury.
    This I believe will push $WMT to a new ATH in a jiffy as they are also hosting a trade contest on kucoin.

  9. Thank you for feeding us with lot of global information about crypto adoption and Blockchain technology. Keep forward ⏩⏩⏩ 👍✅

  10. I’m hoping for a dump so it probably won’t happen.

    My rap sheet for buying and selling at the right times is terrible.

  11. Thanks Casey, your info is always great. I would however like to get your personal opinion. Do u feel crypto has reached the bottom and would you buy right now?

  12. This bear market journey has been a super challenge. I started in Crypto December 2021. So I bought a lot at all time high not realizing what I was doing. So what I am doing now is calmly and quietly DCA into some of what is emerging as the solid players in the space. I plan to keep educating myself with amazing people like you and planting seeds

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