CRYPTO ALERT! “Moment of Reckoning” | The Worst Is Over!

The bearish market is getting cooler and cooler, and I can tell you as a content developer that tracks information and cryptocurrency , the talk about social media are proof that negativity and worry is very high when it concerns , cardano, and altcoins. Will the cryptocurrency market make it through? If so, how much time is delegated get ready for the shift from bearish market to booming market?

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* The above video recommendations an opinion and is for /information and entertainment functions only. It is not planned to be financial investment recommendations, monetary advice, or any solicitation, recommendation, endorsement, or deal that you purchase or offer any cryptocurrency or securities. Trading in cryptocurrencies and securities is a high threat activity involving danger of loss so please seek a properly licensed professional for investment or monetary advice. The information offered on this video must not be utilized to make any financial investment or monetary decisions without consulting your financial or investment consultant. This video includes my viewpoint only and is not intended to trigger harm or disparage anyone or any entity.

Crypto Capital Venture is big on tracking bitcoin market in particular. The basic premise of technical analysis videos on Crypto Capital Venture is that although cost relocations really in a very unstable method, there is much chance in being prepared for upside and disadvantage. We likewise cover on this channel as it comes out.

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CRYPTO ALERT! “Moment of Reckoning” | The Worst Is Over!

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    1. As like now everyone’s waiting for the lower low… need that monthly close above 17.2k tomorrow would really help a lot!!

    2. I remember the last cycle when we were near 4 k / 3.5k people were shouting for 1k, 2k levels. At that point there was so much fear- getting very similar vibes. Perhaps there is a little more to go (12-14k ish) but retail has been severely punished, the drop has been brutal and now only strong hands are left. They are likely bitcoiners / crypto holders for life or at least have the will / temperament to deal with the downside. It will take another big drop in the traditional markets imo to cause BTC to fall that low.

  1. Keep up the great work Dan! We appreciate everything you do and the information and charts are spot on. Ignore the haters we need someone to buy our crypto in 2-3years

  2. Dan I don’t comment very often at all but I’ve been watching you for years and it amazes me how you stay focused on the charts and stay positive along the way. Please don’t stop, you’ve been awesome and I learned so much watching you!! 🎉

  3. Kinda blows my mind that people would think crypto is over. Been non-stop buying since 2020. No fear here, only opportunities.

  4. I agree with you Dan. Keep up the amazing work! I’m curious to see how much more fear will be put out there for people to lose total faith and it finally bottoms out bringing great opportunities.

  5. Hi Dan, I am part of your ADA-staking-pool and watch almost all your videos. I like most that you don’t label your videos with clickbait phrases but always write there what you are talking in the video about and nevertheless keep the title interesting and advertising. I also like your content as you stand with both feet on the ground and don’t freak out and try to stay realistic and data driven. Keep on doing this and I keep on following 😊

  6. how could i not notice this… i watch charts on bitfinex 24/7 and still managed to miss such an important signal. anyway, thanks for the warning!!

  7. The “fear” headlines are really promising. At the top of the market, you get crazy predictions for how high things can go. At the bottom, it’s the opposite. When BTC hit 60k, everyone was screaming 100k. Now it’s at the bottom, people are saying 12k, 10k or dead. It’s about to bounce in the next couple of months and bull Market confirmation will come mid next year

    1. Coin Bureau literally just did a video on the possibility of dcg / Genesis/ gbtc / gemeni and how if that situation blows up and they liquidate all the gbtc btc (650k btc) that would take btc to around 8k… so yeah, the predictions range even lower than 10k.

      But what an amazing opportunity it would be to buy under 10k, and get a minimum 10-15x next cycle, maybe 20x or more.

  8. Dan, can you make a video on staking or refer me to a video you have made. Is it best to leave all in one pool? How to get the maximum. I hold a good amount of ADA and have had it staked for over a year now but I figured my pay out should be more then what it is. Thanks.. your advise is appreciated.

  9. I don’t think crypto is dead at all. The fundamentals are still there. And yes, we’ve seen a massive drop, but there’s still potential for more downward movement. Especially when you consider macro factors.

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