Crypto & Bitcoin PRICE DUMP OVER? (Ethereum Scandal Exposed)

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. Timestamps. 00:00 Intro. 01:58 Chainlink Entry Rate.

02:24 Market
02:51 BTC Cost Charts.
04:07 Bloodbath with Altcoins. 09:33 What Coin did Deezy Purchase? 10:10 Weekly Winners. 11:03 BTC Dips 5% Under$ 36K.
12:01 Volatility Looms.
13:23 BitLab Charts with Kelly Kellam. 13:56 Expanding Wedge Which Marks a Bullish Uptrend. 15:30 Potential Buy Signal.
17:31 Quant's Bearish Structure. 17:47 RNDR Rate Charts.
18:12 Worldwide Liquidity's Rounding Development. 18:46 Days Until the Halving, Scaled by Understood Price. 19:50$ BTC Pullback Scenarios.
22:45 #ETHGATE.
23:11 Charles Hoskinson Speaks Out on ETH Expert Revelations.
25:13 Ethereum Rescue and Restructing Strategy by Nerayoff.
27:42 ETHGATE Conspiracy Theories and Backstories.
29:50 SEC's Favoritism on Ethereum.
30:39 Steven Nerayoff's Released Recordings.
31:10 Vitalik Buterin's Ties with Wanxiang Blockchain Labs.
33:15 What is Prometheum?
34:01 Gary Gensler's Version of Ethereum Financing.
35:15 Wanxiang Blockchain Labs, MIT Partnership.
36:40 #ETHGATE Takeaways.
43:00 Course to Altseason.
45:04 Neighborhood Sobbing Foul.
47:45 BlackRock states and other L1s are a Threat to .
50:20 Ethreum Top ESG Ranking.
53:20 Litecoin Overtakes BTC Briefly in Transaction Count.
56:47 German Lawmaker Leads a Plan to Promote BTC as Legal Tender.
1:00:37 BIS Study: Stablecoins not Stable.
1:03:29 Altcoin Market Cap's Pivotal Region.
1:05:10 Aave Rebrands to Avara.
1:06:16 At A Lot Of 4 Liquid Stakers Control DeFi.
1:10:51 DOGE Literally Going to the Moon Next Month, Aliens Angered.
1:14:54 Q&A

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Crypto & Bitcoin PRICE DUMP OVER? (Ethereum Scandal Exposed)

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  1. The DEX is currently experiencing a major bug.
    In a video I made, I explain how exchanging results in around x 7.

  2. I like you guys but it is a shame that all you do is shill your normy coin bags!! At best you do 5-10x and when you have many others possibilities in crypto to get much better returns!!

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