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  1. With the amount of money available at FTX, they were able to manipulate the leveraged trades and force the market to move in their favor. Like any other whale. A lot of this can be fixed by delaying trades but then traders would flee to an exchange that offered fast trades.

    1. Perhaps put in a law for “whale wallets” to be restricted in time/volume so as to not be able to move markets.
      Also, to observe “joint efforts” among whale wallets in order to avoid insider trading to move them markets.

      I am not really a big regulation-guy, for sure. But, as long as there are whales out there, then there needs to be some laws to protect the market.

  2. I think it may be premature to say SBF caused all the other crashes as well. He is definitely a felon but I’ll lean on evidence first

  3. What SBF/FTX have done is beyond criminal. How deep does this rabbit hole go, how many others are involved? Hopefully all this comes out.

    1. @yayo683 100% agree but to be more specific it’s the deep state that wants crypto gone which includes politicians and bankers.

    2. All the FTX people were Obama/Clinton Foundation / Democrat people.
      The Democrats/Deep state attacked the crypto community to rig their own elections, they stole from all of us.

  4. this feels like distraction to implement xrp institutional investors, ftx feels like the example to be made so to speak, lots shady stuff going down questionable.

  5. “Only when the tide goes out do you discover who’s been swimming naked.” Warren Buffet. Too much easy money went to the crypto in the bull market. Now when things are squeezing in this brutal bear market, is when we’ll see who was playing by the rules baby.

  6. That still doesn’t change the fact that there are 49million kangaroos in Australia and 3.5million people in Uruguay which means if the kangaroos were to invade Uruguay each person will have to fight 14 kangaroos.

    1. Fantastic point! But can kangaroos swim? If so, for how long before they drown? I don’t suspect they’re going to build ships and travel overseas to Uruguay.

  7. Very interesting stuff, good work. I havent seen the link between FTX and the Luna collapse until now though, seems like quite a few people knew about it, how did they keep this a secret?

  8. Ben, stay armed and stay ready. You know your digging deep and eventually they will come for you and your family. Stay safe and stay ready. 🙏

    1. Why are you trying to silence him with fear? It’s not just him unraveling all this it’s a lot more people.

    2. Wooooow! I see none of you are familiar with nikoli who was just “quieted” down in PR
      …yea prolly nothing. No cause for Ben to “be safe”

    3. Sounds like a threat . I’ve watched a couple other YouTubers talking about this. To say they’re gonna come after his family is very serious .

  9. Never been a fan of yours but I got to give you respect for putting all this out there… I just don’t understand why you wouldn’t be a bitcoin maxi in light of all this. This is exactly why we should all get behind bitcoin.

    1. @Jerry Czech I’ve been thinking the government would crash it but I’ve been surprised it didn’t happen. Do you think it will be from regulation?

    2. What does any of this have to do with being a maxi? Everything crashed including Bitcoin! Due to centralize exchanges malfeasance, Cfi and Gensler test tube demon baby face SBF. People are in enough agony and confusion. Stop it with that maxi talk please, it ain’t saving no body.
      Just ask El Salvador.
      Together we stand, divided we all fall.

  10. Ben was right. He’d been talking about SBF and the shadyness of FTX for awhile now. For all those who came down on Ben for being hard on SBF, now you see why he was fired up over this crazy situation.
    This is like a Tom Clancy novel being played out in real life.

    1. How is this wrong? He did talk about weeks b4 it fell. Ya other people talked as well some speculated years ago doesn’t change that bitboy did cover it and dedicated almost entire daily shows to it trying to spread the word b4 they fell. Some of you guys just love to hate.

  11. Funny, how all these so called YouTubers, CNBC analysts and top Investors did not know what was going on “behind” the scenes with FTX. Next time, the national media should perform due diligence by pretending any new crypto idea, new crypto firm or new blockchain comes from a minority. My prayers to those impacted by the global financial game.

  12. Bitboy was one of the biggest promoters of FTX FTT, especially when the market was pumping. I bought FTT and Thorchain Rune at Bitboy’s recommendation. Now he can talk.

    1. @Moon-Doggie Gaming I sold long before that. I stopped following and watching his content since then until this video popped up

  13. Here is my question Ben. Was this greed factor or an organized deliberate plan go take down the whole of crypto industry?

  14. Ben and CZ are turning out to be real champions for this space and for us. Let’s look forward to their potential leadership & guidance roles with crypto in the coming decades.. 🤑😁🤩

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