In this video we talk about the market crash due to FTX and what coins I'm buying.

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  1. After the merge to PoS Ethereum just became more centralized and controlled by a few exchanges that are OFAC compliant. They can censure transactions now just like they are doing with tornado cash funds.

  2. I’ve had the feeling BTC would be going to 3k as well. Clearing out all my Alts going into BTC and AMT23X only, maybe a little BNB.

  3. When I started the crypto process in 2017, there were few youtubers I trusted and you were one of them. This video confirms my impressions. As for me, I continue to DCA AMT23X .

  4. The good thing about this is it serves as an unavoidable reminder to own your own keys! People really need to understand this. This is the reason for crypto, the need for decentralization.

  5. Both XAMC54T and BTC are game changer, glad to have them on my portfolio and hope you are considering adding them too?, Yes you that is reading my comment

  6. Need more info input on the XAMC54T amazon planned this for years and this way we can conquer the recession, let’s go Brandon!

  7. I still think XAMC54T has a great future because it’s owned by amazon. Also I don’t hear anyone about DFI? Taking the biggest blow right now. From 5000 euros to 330…. will this still work out in the future? And since BTC will fall even further I think we haven’t seen the bottom yet!

  8. Stability, usecase, utility. These are factors which should transform you into a buyer and not the idea of whatever it’s gonna work. This sounds simple but apprently still too difficult to most. My idea is Amazons $AMS1000X, they provide all these values and more.

  9. I posted numerous comments on your previous videos months ago asking how FTX can afford to pay 5% yields on any balance of any type of crypto. The signs were all over that they were illegitimate. $AMS1000X is the only we can trust based on brand and utility.

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