Crypto Market CONTAGION Watch (Exchanges MUST Adopt To Survive)

Today we will be discussing the MASSIVE outflow of and Ethereum leaving exchanges as investors flee the fallout of the ongoing FTX collapse! Next we'll talk about the recent calls for “Proof-of-Reserve,” are we seeing a macro shift in financial transparency?


(Coming 1/2/2023)

Around the Blockchain is your favorite Cryptocurrency show discussing , Ethereum, , and the top altcoins. Our four crypto experts Crypto Keeper, Sin City Crypto, Crypto Crow, and . Tune in for their insightful crypto analysis.

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All of our videos are strictly personal opinions. Please make sure to do your own research. Never take one person's opinion for financial guidance. There are multiple strategies and not all strategies fit all people. Our videos ARE NOT financial advice.

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Watch (Exchanges MUST Adopt To Survive)

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  1. If Sam was responsible for Luna you’ve got to think of all the people that committed suicide over what he did this is huge

    1. @Julio G there are idiots out there. Yes, they will kill themselves if they lose everything. They went all in. You don’t understand Asian culture with Luna.

    2. Whatever SBF did does not absolve luna from responibility, 8+ trillion luna tokens were minted overnight, validators should have stepped in to freeze the chain

  2. The bottom isn’t gonna wave a flag, most will prob think it’s gonna go lower and it will flip, no one thought 68k was top, well, blockchain backer did..

  3. I’m a basically a technaphobe and even I managed to find hundreds of ledger tutorials on YouTube and get my tokens into self custody. Start with Crypto Dad

  4. Deezy dropped a bomb when he said we could essentially ddos coinbase if we all opened it at the same time

  5. Hey Ben…with FTX gone…what do you think about less selling pressure from them may let the market go up much more easily?

  6. Exchanges here in Canada like Coinsmart and Coinsquare are Fintrac and Security regulated. The clear regulation that 90% of clients money must be in cold storage and it’s absolutely illegal to use consumer money hence the Fintrac regulation is the enforcement tool to regulate the exchanges

    1. Unfortunately they don’t regulate the practice of charging massive fees to deposit funds huge fees on transactions sky high prices for crypto vs other exchanges and a $15 fee for withdrawals of crypto per transaction. In any other industry this practice would be criminal.

    2. Coinsmart is terrible. Use wealth simple free deposits very low purchase fees great crypto prices and no withdrawal fees. Wealthsimple crypto is also fintrac and security regulated in Canada.

  7. Most of the main stream exchanges will make it, they have each other’s back. Sam Just Burned his Piers that’s why he got rolled. I think Crypto insurance will be huge

    1. crypto insurance will be huge but only once the entire market has flushed all the rest of the massive over-leveraging

  8. You can’t self custody, the exchanges tempt you in with high Apr staking then refuse to allow you to withdraw your funds.

  9. Mistakes do happen! Remember when a lady mistakenly requested a refund. And she received 1 million dollars by mistake.

  10. The company that makes the next, more secure and user friendly cold storage hardware wallet that isnt a usb stick with a pixellated interface…..well, that will be used by everyone. Why is there not better tech being put into this space????

  11. Don’t understand why FTX “sinned”. with reserve ratio of 1:10 banks land our money to others, and that is perfectly legal. Right? So why can’t FTX do the same?

  12. I use coinbase and trust them, but.. even I now have decided to get a hardware wallet. Better safe than sorry, especially if your planning to buy now at these lows and keep for a long time

  13. We expect so much from these exchanges. We want 1:1 proof (understandable). Then we want to see their reserves and liabilities. But yet, we go to the bank and drop money in blindly. Make it make sense. Let’s take our money from our banks and see which bank falls first. Because this is what we are doing to the Crypto space. What happened with FTX has nothing to do with crypto but everything to do with taking a system (financial) the doesn’t work and bringing it crypto. The FTX fall will strengthen the space, know exchanges know what NOT to do.

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