CRYPTO NEWS: Shiba Inu PUMP Signals HUGE Shift Could be Imminent

Thanks for watching! Correction: 200 DAY moving average (00:46).

Inu cost pumped, followed by a correction. However in the zoomed out landscape of the charts, there might be some covert information in the SHIB pump that recommends things truly might be reversing on the macro market.

Introduction 00:00.
Crypto sentiment shift 1:20.
Google trends Inu interest 2:00.
This happened before (Bitcoin context) 3:00.
Over 20,000 brand-new SHIB investors 5:00.

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: Signals HUGE Shift Could be Imminent

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  1. Thanks for watching! Correction: 200 DAY moving average (00:46)

    Intro 00:00
    Crypto sentiment shift 1:20
    Google trends Shiba Inu interest 2:00
    This happened before (Bitcoin context) 3:00
    Over 20,000 new SHIB investors 5:00

  2. I am very excited about the prospect of using cryptocurrency, not just as a money equivalent, but using it as a way to earn something as a result of doing some type of work..

  3. Love Cardano but Bro how bout a deep dive on Cult Dao for once.?? Amazing project u gotta read the manifesto and tokenomics and see how special this project is. The next Shiba Inu!!!

  4. Neutral fear and greed is also indicative of a dead cat bounce after extreme fear….. 2019 remembers….

  5. I swear to god man if Shiba starts going crazy again like in October and i miss that move again im gonna lose my mind

  6. >>The best times historically to buy Bitcoin have been when most people were scared to do it! Guess that is happening now?

    1. I can attest, I was somewhat annoyed when btc dipped below 18k in 2022.
      Made a commitment to buy hard at all major dips.

    2. @Nickolas Alphonso We may not have a better time to buy Bitcoin than now. Even though I haven’t completely conquered my fear, I’m still willing to invest my USDT in it as long as it doesn’t hurt me financially.

    3. @Chris Millson Greed and fear index is not in extreme fear right now. For me not the best time to buy. You are trying to get people to FOMO in. People, formulate your plan, evaluate and execute. Don’t FOMO.

    4. @Luis Vargas This is why being informed pays off. I see any market condition as an opportunity, so far i just dollar cost average. I am still in profits even if i decide to sell today as my average is way lower. Kudos to my Portfolio Manager Natalie Paige Harwell. I don’t pay attention to the day to day movements & Returns have been good. Not retiring any time soon so who cares what happens today?

  7. I see YouTube crypto analyst start asking videos over Shiba, but honestly i think its a whale trap. I’d day trade instead of thinking long term..

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