Crypto Platform BANNING US Users! (BlackRock Attempts Stablecoin Takeover)

Today will be talking about BlackRock's announcement that it has partnered with Circle (USDC) after a $400M fundraising. Next, we'll look at Celsius banning Non-Accredited investors form participating in their earn program. Lastly, we'll discuss the new 3-part trilogy from in collaboration with Coinbase.

is your favorite show discussing , Ethereum, Cardano, and the top altcoins. Our four experts include MacNCheeasy, Joe Parys, CryptoFace, & J Chainz. Tune in for their insightful .

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J Chainz:

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Crypto Platform BANNING US Users! (BlackRock Attempts Stablecoin Takeover)

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    1. Celsius has changed from community driven to corporate driven in last 3 months

      I moved all my coins to Nexo 6 months ago. 😬

  1. Thanks to my people for having to explain that ive been wearin my mask for 6 years because im CRYPTOFACE not covid liberal face . love yall

    1. Great answer. It’s unfortunate thats what everyone thinks but in fairness thats what I thought about you at first but after listening to you a few times I finally realize that you weren’t virtue signaling. But it took a few times

  2. If usdc goes down in defi percentage people will move away from usdc and find another defi stable coin to not be controlled, Luna

  3. Love the episode I’ve been following for a while now this is amazing I hear of all these people doing all these things getting all this deals I’ll be honest I haven’t got no idea I just watched your show and tried a dollar cost and sit on my hands and hold what I’m asking is should I hold right now knowing it’s going into a bear market

  4. Exactly why I left Blockfi. As soon as they screwed over US customers with that SEC lawsuit… I’m done with them too.

  5. Something tells me that since they’re allowing existing coins to remain earning interest, that this may be temporary? Why wouldn’t they just ban it fully?

  6. I’m surprised you didn’t talk more about the implications of Celsius moves. This is going to not just ripple, but be an earthquake throughout all US dealing exchanges, I fear. Gov’t trying to control crypto ASAP for realz. smh. Buy privacy coins, ya’all.

  7. Usdc Blackrock and that’s your choice?!?!?! That’s against everything bitcoin and crypto stands for.

  8. Well with this market everything is possible so you Might consider this :
    NFT marketplace coming soon
    Staking and launchpad already live
    NFA , DYOR
    It’s ” GreenChart”

  9. damn thought celsius almost rugpulled therebgot scared lol, still tho if apy gets removes celsius becomes useless lol, do users before 15 keep the apy? or is it only inserted money before 15 that gets to keep apy?

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