Crypto Sleeping Giant (Thorchain / RUNE Update)

With so many centralized exchanges plummeting into bankruptcy, decentralized platforms are more important than ever. Will Thorchain fulfill this need? Let's discover .

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Crypto Sleeping Giant (Thorchain / RUNE Update)

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  4. That last Thor/Rune scare was so overbaked,
    Thor-Swap is the OG Cross-Chain DEX.
    DYOR before ya FUD. Don’t forget to
    DCA and HODL then GTFO before the BEAR… PEAS!

  5. Did you research when the Killswitch will occur making all types of rune have to switch or be burned when native is fully live

  6. I’ve used rune for two years, supper bull on it. People need to be away of the two different types of rune, native and erc20. Exchange type rune and native rune. By the cheaper one 🙂

    1. Trading is about limiting losses when you’re wrong and maximizing gains when you’re right, not about being correct all of the time..

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  7. 7:50 You went all the way to explain Thorchain AND Thorswap but failed to explain only Thorswap (frontend, like uni) paused swap, not Thorchain (like eth). Swaps were still possible anywhere else and directly on chain 😉

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    3. Best signal provider in the market. Knowledgeable, level headed no loss like some other traders who recently jumped on the bandwagon.

    4. Yeah that’s right I think the best way is to invest with a professional, at least it saves the trauma of too much losses, This just surprised me because I also invest with Kerrie.

  9. Beside the overall correct overview: Totally wrong statement that Thorchain stopped swaps, because Thorchain is permissionless and censorship-resistant. Interfaces/Frontends like Thorswap, Thorwallet, which are centralised ones, can be regulated – especially US based ones. There are perhaps 10+ Interfaces you can use. E.g. Shapeshift (open – source) never stopped.

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