CRYPTO TAX CUTS!! (Rules Of Recession Have CHANGED)

The SEC ignores the rulebook while flexing on Coinbase, two pro- senators propose a bill to exempt taxes on small transactions and instead of facing the fact that we’re in a recession, the White House decided to change the definition of what a recession is.

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0:00 Intro
0:23 SEC vs Coinbase
3:37 Market watch with Frankie Candles
4:41 Tax Exempt
5:36 Definition of recession

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CRYPTO TAX CUTS!! (Rules Of Recession Have CHANGED)

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  1. Why is it that when exchanges follow regulation, they collapse, however dapps that could care less are humming just fine?

    We need to stop listening to these regulators, they dont want the best for us.

  2. There have been previous projects like EOS that have already had lawsuits settled with the SEC over illegal ICO/securities offerings and just paid fines. The difference with Ripple is that they didn’t even have an ICO and just pre-mined all the coins and gave most of it to themselves to dump on everyone else. They are being accused of selling an ongoing securities offering which means XRP itself would be considered a security and would be more devasting since they would actually have to register as a security.

    1. As you may, or may not, know , 5 major countries have already ruled that XRP is not a security. In the beginning it was as a security but then morphed into a non-security. I do not think the SEC can get around the current argument but, they will try to drag it out endlessly.

  3. Its almost like the SEC is trying to open more cases before they lose the XRP case so that they still have a reason to still be involved.

  4. Wow, changing the definition of a recession, in the middle of a recession?! 😂 It’s funny but it isn’t 🙈 Exactly why people call them “the circus” 🎪 🤡 🐒🐘

  5. Couple things. First.. when is the SEC GOING TO BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE?!?! And next. $50 tax free… at this rate a gallon of milk will probably cost $50 within the next few years.

    1. They never gonn be held accountable bruv let’s be real here 🙃 and yea won’t be surprised on the milk bit if this continues

  6. I like the commentary by Ben, but I would prefer to skip the coin market price review each time.

    1. Good for you, no one cares lol. It’s not going to ever go away. To bad you don’t have your own channel with 1.5 million subscribers.

  7. I just moved to cold storage, partly, thanks to this channel. Gg mate! It’s such a sigh* of relief

  8. Lmao, the article title put out by the SEC stated this was the “first ever insider trading bust for cryptocurrency.” Technically ethgate was the first ever insider trading scandal. The SEC themselves organized and agency members profited heavily. Do they think we are this stupid. Bury this agency! Oh Billy Hinman, where are you!?

  9. How about a $600 exemption like we have with the irs currently if you make under $600 you do not have to report it otherwise over $600 you will be 1099’ed……..just my 2 cents…….to track anything under $600 would take too much work and hassle imho…….

  10. Hey Ben and crew! The link for deals isn’t working. Do you guys still have an affiliate link for ByBit? Thanks for all that you guys do.

  11. Tax cuts yay! BTC bearish? We must not be looking at the same charts. Contrary opinions are always helpful to consider though.

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