Crypto This Week! SEC & White House Making Moves?!💥👀

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Hello, fam! Crypto Casey, here 👋 and I'm on a mission to improve people’s lives through #crypto education. In this important video we explore some potentially bearish moves from the SEC and White House, as well as other news stories from around the globe. Let’s jump in!

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00:00 – Intro


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❤️ Be safe out there.
—Crypto Casey

Crypto This Week! SEC & White House Making Moves?!💥👀

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  1. Well done, as usual!

    Yes, though risk is not easily quantified, projects aimed at 2nd & 3rd world use cases have the best potential for investment that will see crypto have a positive impact on the financial interests of those currently with limited options.

    Thank You Casey!

  2. We need to stand our ground by holding, and buying dips to reduce dollar cost average. NOT financial advice, that is what I am doing.

  3. I have never believed regulations should be embraced by crypto businesses or users. It defeats the long term purpose. I think it would be better to be unregulated even though it might take longer to reach its potential. Compromise with criminals (government) is always a mistake.

  4. I love your channel Casey! sometimes I think It would be nice to have a little more of your opinion (on the news)…: not sure it would work but it would sound even more interesting.

  5. Becoming a millionaire definitely isn’t easy.  Building a business and investment starts with believing you can do it! And that’s why  investing in the financial markets is really good

    1. This man has really change the life of many people from different countries and I’m a testimony of he’s trading platform.

  6. I see inconsistencies when large institutions such as blackjack, fidelity etc.. are involved. crypto is not for the people or by the people decentralized bank imo. I just don’t like what’s been happening innovation that will rise during this recession. best of luck to the crypto community

  7. Yes, “the herd is inching closer.” I would also add my own cliché; “the genie is out of the bottle.” Crypto is here to stay and it will flourish but It just may take a bit longer than I, and most people, would like. I agree that SOME limited regulation would be a good thing, but who trusts the SEC and big CeFi? Isn`t that the whole purpose behind Satoshi starting BTC?
    Well, I knew it was too good (“up only baby!” “to the moon!”) to be true when I got involved in this crazy ecosphere early last year. Guess I better double-up on my vitamins and exercise if I want to actually be alive when the dust *finally* does settle and things get back to “normal.”
    Stay awesome, Crypto Casey. 😉

  8. At first I laughed at this and said no way it stays flat for the next 10 years but honestly if the Democrats somehow keep power through the midterms and the next presidential election yeah it may be flat for next 10 years, or even worse continue to crash

  9. Casey, keep up the great work! I think the forecasted view for a decade long flat lining of the market may be a severe prediction in that who knows what macro phenomena remains ahead…I do think we are in for a bad year and sluggish few more.

  10. Either way I’ll be collecting spread premium and laughing all the way to the bank mincing, and wincing as I go. 🤔

  11. The bearish news now is good. Gives us all time to get in 🔥🔥🔥 stay blessed and stay DCA and hodling!! A storm always clears up

  12. Another great episode that delivers on the broad scope and interest of professionals and retail investors alike. BTW is that a snowboard below your left elbow? Electric ⚡️…

  13. It seems like the “clarity” that the SEC intends on is bad for the industry, as the one bank noted “prohibitively expensive.” Cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies don’t just need clarity they need a regulatory that foster innovation, competition, and freedom for the DAOs, businesses, projects, and individuals involved.

  14. I don’t think crypto will demonstrate anything new this week either, but it seems to me that I am already ready for it. At the moment, I am actively accumulating usdt in order to dispose of it later.

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