CRYPTO WARNING! Cryptocurrency Opportunity Window CLOSING!

is making all the headlines lately amidst the macroeconomic unpredictabilities that we are living in as crypto holders. And while there is a lots of speak about a huge economic crisis in 2023, things are not always so black and white when it pertains to bear and bull markets, especially concerning cryptocurrency markets.

Introduction 00:00
They don't want you to acknowledge crypto chance 00:50
THIS is traditionally when economic downturn bottoms! 2:55
Taking a look at stock market bearish market data 5:20
I am scrambling to get ready for crypto bottom! 8:30
The length of time up until crypto bottoms? 10:20
You just have a lot time to buy and sell! 11:20
2022 was the worst of it? 11:30
Stocks and crypto increase 14:30
100 trillion marketcap inbound for crypto 15:40
Macro sign of crypto bottom 17:40
Cardano analysis 20:00
analysis 22:00

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CRYPTO WARNING! Cryptocurrency Opportunity Window CLOSING!

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  1. Thanks for watching! Do you think 2022 was the worst of crypto bear market?

    Intro 00:00
    They don’t want you to recognize crypto opportunity 00:50
    THIS is historically when recession bottoms! 2:55
    Looking at stock market bear market data 5:20
    I am scrambling to prepare for crypto bottom! 8:30
    How long until crypto bottoms? 10:20
    You only have so much time to buy and sell! 11:20
    2022 was the worst of it? 11:30
    Stocks and crypto go up 14:30
    100 trillion marketcap incoming for crypto 15:40
    Macro indicator of crypto bottom 17:40
    Cardano analysis 20:00
    XRP analysis 22:00

  2. The window is still very wide open so there’s definitely plenty of time to accumulate at lower prices. Don’t be exit liquidity yet haha

  3. That capitulation in 2009 would take us to May of 2023 if it’s identical tho. So plenty of time to bottom IF it follows same trend.

  4. I disagree on any urgency. I’m in the Ben Cowen camp that there will be a long accumulation area.

    That being said I agree that we very well could be in or near the bottom. Everyone misses the bottom because they are convinced that the asset class will go lower every time it finds a new support level.

    Just no need to rush in though. It’s ok if you miss the exact bottom.

  5. Dude … well done ! This is the first sensible and optimistic paradigm I’ve heard that isn’t unregulated emotional hemophilia spurting hopium .
    I hope you are correct …. You just became one of my favorite channels 🤙🏼

  6. This is correct. Even though we know we are already in a recession, around the time the government actually announces it is pretty much when the bottom is in

  7. I am not a fan of TA, but I do appreciate your perspective. You don’t sell hype and you have a very calm, measured approach to the markets. Definitely helps to keep me grounded.

    1. If we look at the most successful players in the space, they don’t do TA, they buy bear markets and sell bull. That’s it

    2. @Ariel Glaze I worked at a crypto hedge fund. No one uses TA. It’s just the highly uneducated folks like Dan who uses it. Sure we use some signals from TA. But no where near the way Dan uses it. This clown and his Fibonacci sequence. He’s so incompetent it makes me laugh

    3. @Ariel Glaze At the end of thr day most TA is trash. Humans have a habit of assigning patterns to anything. We do it with clouds, too lol

    1. @Perospero As well as being a potential pumping gem, you can also join the RadFi Creative Competition now.

  8. Very true. For most of 2021, the media was constantly putting down crypto and speaking badly about it while 64% of the major banks and retail investment firms were creating dedicated crypto departments.

  9. Amazing video with beautiful points. I can’t wait to be excited together on our investments around 2024 and 2025 for my first full market cycle.

  10. Incredible as always Dan, you are the best crypto youtuber out there, no doubt. Incredible data with an amazing perspective. Hope to catch you live the next time around!

  11. Recessions always catch everyone off guard. The fact that we saw it coming and the Fed forced this technical recession means that we haven’t yet hit the eye of the storm. When people lose jobs and things get ugly to the point we can’t take it anymore, that’s when this thing will end. We haven’t suffered enough to be at the bottom. I don’t want that to happen, and technically, it doesn’t have to happen, but collectively people need to stop spending and start saving so we don’t get hit with the real recession. Sadly, people never learn.

  12. You know why I’ve subscribed to you the last 18 months? Because you’re REAL Dan; genuinely I feel you are a good human and I’ll keep subbing because of that fact. Thanks for being you my man.

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