Crypto’s MOST UNDERVALUED ASSET!! (MAJOR Military Switch To Blockchain)

Today we will be discussing Fidelity's Jurrien Timmer coming out stating that BTC technicals could be indicating that is oversold and undervalued. Next we'll look at the U.S Air Force implementing SIMBA Chain to monitor and tract the military's cash flow and supply chain quality and last we'll talk about what will come of GPU mining after the Ethereum merge.

Around the Blockchain is your favorite Cryptocurrency show discussing , Ethereum, Cardano, and the top . Our four experts include , Joel Comm, Matt Schultz, & RiceTVx. Tune in for their insightful crypto analysis.

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Crypto’s MOST UNDERVALUED ASSET!! (MAJOR Military Switch To Blockchain)

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  1. i prefer lifer on your show … when I watch his channel I have a headache in 5 mn he speak like these guys in old times saling things supposed incredible in front of big department store …

  2. Just FYI don’t know if it’s applicable here but the gov. does reach out to individuals in the private sector. It’s called an “Invitation to bid” and they only need to contact 3 contractors when they go that route. No public listing required.

    1. So are you saying that there are crypto projects out there that the government has adopted that are not publicly listed on any exchange?

  3. Can I ask bitboy crypto and he’s team a deep sincere apology, I may have gotten carried away once with a certain comment about the lo***** only bitboy and he’s team should know what is there. I won’t comment anything related to that topic ever again as I realize how much Ben is against this topic, and it being a sensitive one that I should not have said ANYTHING on that topic, I hope this will release the block on certain videos that I have been assigned as I do appreciate the content that Ben and he’s team provides me with, I am ashamed I was blocked but knowing what probably was the cause of the block is even more shaming to me and my nature. I know people can do things and say things sometimes but that doesn’t make us bad people altogether and if I was able to be forgiven and given access to the certain videos that I am banned from I would be forever great full. I know Ben manages a family and has a big responsibility with this crypto YouTube channel and I do respect the time he and he’s team input into this channel to make it as friendly as possible so I completely respect if I am not granted the respect to view the certain content that I and certain Ben knows that I am blocked from, but yeah, sincere apology for gloating about the lo***** and what could be that I’m sure was the problem that got me banned. Thankyou very much if you read this and I hope to be a new viewer again, at least in my spare time as I do not always have the time to view this content, which adds to why I commented what I did with the very little time I had available I got carried away.

  4. ‘Enjoy the highs, fish 🎣 up the lows’

    Bitcoin and Litecoin reward halving supply shock on its way, Summertime rally will very very soon be in play …..🕊….🏖

  5. I stake Pangolin PNG staking rewars ar huge and coin is at the best price to accoumulate and there will ever be only 230mill PNG now price only 3 – 4 cents

  6. Can Rice interrupt more please?! The show flows to smooth when he doesn’t interrupt every two seconds.

  7. Rice is correct, the blockchain company would have reached out to the USAF in hopes to strike a contract with the government via Small Business Innovation Research program. If what they offer is compelling technology worth investing, and its considered marketable, then a contract is cut…it’s a process, but this is how it goes in a nut shell!

  8. We already can’t GPU mine Ethereum profitably unless you have super cheap electric or the top most efficient cards only.

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