Did Luna Just Go Bankrupt? Here’s How To Recover Your Losses!

The Structure Guard (LFG) has just revealed the complete degree of this historic crypto event that sent out the Bitcoin cost down to $25,000. The losses exposed by LFG are far worse than you could ever think of!! Nevertheless, there is still expect those who lost everything in this extraordinary crypto market crash! Join Cryptoman Ran on Crypto Banter today, to stay up to date on all the latest crypto news and developments.

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Crypto Banter is a live streaming channel that brings you the most popular crypto news, market updates and principles of the world of digital possessions– "straight out of the bull's mouth" !! Join the fastest growing crypto community to get informed on the most lucrative trades and latest market news!

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Crypto Small talk is a social podcast for home entertainment functions just.
All viewpoints revealed by the hosts, visitors and callers must not be interpreted as financial recommendations. Views revealed by guests and hosts do not reflect the views of the station. Listeners are motivated to do their own research.

#Bitcoin #Crypto #Altcoins.

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00:00 Show Summary & Introduction.
00:40 The Future of & UST.
01:05 When a Stablecoin is Not Steady.
04:15 .
04:48 Crypto Market Capitulated.
05:40 Standard Financial Markets.
06:00 NASDAQ Chart.
06:30 Handling Inflation.
06:58 NASDAQ – Crypto Correlation.
07:35 FED Minimizing Balance Sheet.
09:14 Real Capitulation Described.
09:50 CPI Inflation Data.
10:10 $ARKK Innovation ETF.
11:42 Manufactory Data.
12:12 United States 10 Year Treasury Yield.
12:32 United States Dollar Index (DXY).
13:06 LFG Transparency Report.
16:50 Before & After the Terra Luna Crash.
19:00 Luna Has No More .
19:28 Do Kwon's Tweet.
21:00 Why Terra Luna Collapsed.
22:45 How The Attack Worked.
24:00 Luna – Semi-Collateralized Stablecoin.
25:00 Making Luna Holders Whole.
26:10 Trust in Terra Luna Lost.
26:40 Luna Community Projects.
28:25 Disregarding the Twitter Belief.
28:50 Human Crypto Hormonal Agents.
30:00 Oxytocin Token Connection.
34:00 DeFi Made Here's Tweet.
35:45 Bottom of Crypto Correction.
36:15 CryptoBirb Joins the Small Talk.
36:35 Bitcoin Price Chart.
37:30 Stock Charts.
38:40 Market Correlations.
39:52 Hope for Cryptocurrencies.
40:05 Terra Luna Crash.
41:40 Bullish Hammer Candle Light.
41:58 Bitcoin 20k Bottom?
42:50 Market Sentiment Side.
44:50 is Seeing Hope.
45:18 Everyone Lost in Terra Luna.
46:10 Time to combat Back.
47:29 Build Back Better.
48:40 Survival Mode DCA.
49:50 DCA in Blue-Chips Only.
50:30 Maintain Your Stash.
51:10 Sheldon Coming Back.
51:47 Blaming Do Kwon.
52:30 DYOR & Threat Management.
53:25 Re-Building Together.

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Did Terra Luna (LUNA) Go Bankrupt?

Did Luna Just Go Bankrupt? Here's How To Recover Your Losses!

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    1. You say this like it was intentional. For god’s sake, Luna was seen as a great project. Most crypto experts saw it as a valuable project. And of course now, Ran is backtracking. This is a nonsensical comment.

    2. @Scott Henning honestly 🙄. At least if you’re going to criticise it must be smart.

  2. Wait. Is this the same account that was schillin Luna as such an amazing project lolol REKT!

  3. They haven’t showed transaction detail. Don’t believe Dokwon till all the transactions are public as early as today.

  4. Bearish or bullish market, that’s life, the entertainment provided by your show is doing his job!
    Every week-end, im waiting monday 😀

  5. Thankfully my ‘investment’ in Terra Luna was relatively small (still enough to hurt though). Probably not as painful as Novo having his LunaTic tattoo removed or changed. Intrigued to know how Do Knut comes out of this personally??

  6. People will continue to buy Luna. It will rebound but never to the level it was but it will grow because the community wants it to succeed. Even if that seems crazy.

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